Cocktails and Cuisine in Palisade | Grand Junction, CO
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Cocktails and Cuisine in Palisade

Palisade is full of flavor.
Sandstone cliffs rise above the orchards of Palisade, CO.
Sandstone cliffs rise above the orchards of Palisade, CO.
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Make your way to Peach Street Distillery to enjoy Gin and Tonics, Gin Rickys, Bloody Marys, and warm afternoon sun. The Palisade distillery specializes in brandies made with the finest regional fruit available, and used at the peak of ripeness and freshness. Peach Street is known for their Colorado Bourbon and Goat Vodkas made with sweet corn from the nearby town of Olathe.

Next, visit the DeBeque Canyon Winery tasting room across the river just east of town and learn about Colorado winemaking from local winemaker Bennet Price.

DeBeque Canyon’s output consists largely of red varietals and blends along with several varieties of port. Sample Pinot Noir from Colorado’s highest vineyard (sitting at over 7,000 ft.) and move on to Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Granache, and more. Enjoy wines intended for blending and interesting varietals of differing vintages.

The winery’s knowledgeable staff will help you comprehend the complexities of wine production. Price has been involved in wine making in Colorado more or less from the start. He helped design and plant many of the vineyards that now produce Colorado’s best wine, not just for DeBeque, but for many of the wineries in the Grand Valley. Price continues to experiment and develop preeminent varietals and blends for the area geography and climate. 

Finish your DeBeque Canyon Winery visit with a couple of port wines that rival those made in Portugal. Typical of Price’s winemaking style, they’re rich, full-bodied, velvety-smooth, and packed with ripe fruit flavors. 

As the sun sets on the day, it’s time for dinner. A short walk will lead your group to the Palisade Cafe and Grill in the heart of downtown Palisade. 

When the cafe opened several years ago it quickly gained a reputation for excellent breakfasts. Their famous Parisian-style cheese omelet accompanied by a green salad and paired with a glass of crisp local Chardonnay quickly became a local favorite. 

The popular cafe now serves dinner as well as breakfast and lunch. To experience the best of the Palisade Cafe and Grill, start with an assortment of appetizers:

Such as, Cuban pulled-pork quesadilla with a sweet-spicy barbecue sauce, a delicious blend of gooey cheese and smoky tender pork wrapped in a crisp flour tortill; sweet potato French fries, crisp and tasty, accompanied by a garlic aioli; Mediterranean appetizer platter with hummus, taboulleh, cucumber-yogurt dip, and olives served with pita bread wedges. 

This sampling gives an idea of the eclectic choices available on the menu. The wine list features great local wines, of course, and the beer menu leans heavily towards tasty Belgian beers, with local Palisade brews on tap. After your group has had its fill, head to a satisfied slumber and dream of more glorious, flavorful days exploring Palisade and the Grand Valley.