Cultural Heritage Follows Paths and Pavement | Grand Junction, CO
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Cultural Heritage Follows Paths and Pavement

Grand Junction boasts a fascinating history spanning more than a century
Travel back in time at the Museum of the West.
Travel back in time at the Museum of the West.
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Plan a visit to discover several museums and historical sites in Western Colorado's Grand Valley.

Rock art is found along several pathways leading through the Grand Junction area. What are their messages? Are these ceremonial symbols or the work of restless hands on long winter nights? Do the "white hands" along Canyon Pintado represent an honored leader or do they mean "Stop, don't go beyond here?" Sit under the rock overhangs and ponder the questions. How would you have lived? What messages would you have left for those who followed?

When the Museum of the West began its renovations in 2006, the staff met with representatives from many of the cultures who make up Western Colorado's history. The museum reopened in Spring 2007 with new exhibits representing the human settlement of the West from many different perspectives. Interactive displays will fascinate you and the kids. Come hear the many voices that tell the different versions of history in Colorado's high desert country.

The Western Colorado Center for the Arts features permanent and temporary exhibits of native and contemporary artists of the Southwest, including Anasazi pottery, Navajo rugs and paintings from modern local artists. The tools of the artists may change, but do the feelings and emotions? Decide for yourself.

The Museum of Western Colorado's Cross Orchards Historic Farm preserved and reconstructed buildings and the farm's original orchards, allow you to step back in time, experiencing life in Grand Junction as it was during the early 1900s. Train enthusiasts and Western history buffs will enjoy the largest collection of Uintah narrow-gauge railway cars on the Western Slope and the "Boots" Corn heavy equipment collection.

The Gateway Canyons Automobile Museum moves history forward with an exhibit of more than 40 excellently preserved cars including a 1954 Oldsmobile F-88 car designed by Harley Earl. This world-class exhibit hall tells of the automobile's role in America.

Also, take time to discover Palisade Farm and Orchards Tours offered by the growers of those wonderful Palisade peaches, apples and other delicious fruits. Pick up a self-guided tour brochure at any of the Grand Valley Visitor Centers and savor the journey. New in 2009, Suncrest Alpaca Farms also gives tours on request.

For more information on these and many other cultural heritage opportunities in the Grand Valley, contact the Grand Junction Visitor & Convention Bureau at (970) 244-1480.