6 Golf Courses You Should Be Playing - Agent Magazine

Golf Travel & Leisure / December 7, 2017

by David Finn as published in August 2017 edition of Agent Magazine

When designing a golf course, location and nature provide the raw canvas. How the architect works with the terrain and topography determines whether or not it will be a masterpiece. Here are six courses that have memorably mastered that canvas....

Desert Course –

The Golf Club at Redlands Mesa, Grand Junction Colorado

The scenery found at Redlands Mesa is pure “wild-west” — so much so that you can almost imagine yourself riding a stallion through the rugged countryside. Just named No. 1 in Colorado by GolfWeek, this layout is reminiscent of Michael Stantz’s controversial Tobacco Road in North Carolina. Depending on which tees you prefer, architect Jim Engh has designed a course that plays from 4,890 to just over 7,000 yards featuring banked fairways, 41 uniquely shaped bunkers and nine holes that play downhill from elevated tees.

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