The Disc Golf Scene in Grand Junction: Tips from Local Professional Aaron Gossage


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Disc golf has been around since the early 1900’s but has just recently grown in popularity over the last decade. If you’re new to the sport or coming to Grand Junction with the hopes of playing some rounds, here’s the scoop on the best disc golf in the Grand Junction area. 

There are three 9-hole courses, three 18-hole courses and one 24-hole course. You can find all Grand Junction disc golf courses here. To make the deal even sweeter, most of the disc golf courses in Grand Junction can be played year-round and they are all free to play. 


Professional Disc Golf Tips for Grand Junction, Courtesy of Aaron Gossage 


Photo: @nigel.bibler

We caught up with professional disc golf player and Grand Junction native, Aaron Gossage, en route from North Carolina (where he was cheering on his old college club team at a competition) to Tallahassee (where he played in a professional tournament) and picked his brain for tips about the best disc golf in Grand Junction.

Aaron has been on tour as a professional disc golf player for the past year and a half. His father was playing disc golf before he was born, and Aaron began playing with him as a child. Though he has been a member of the Professional Disc Golf Association since he was 11, Aaron says he only considered playing professionally a little over a year ago - “I thought, hey, I’m doing pretty well at this, I might try doing this professionally.” 


Photo: @nigel.bibler

In 2022, Aaron will be playing in a tournament every weekend for over half the year. Aaron went on to explain that you don’t have to be a professional player to enjoy disc golf. “The great thing about the sport is it’s so accessible,” Aaron said. “It’s easy to play and fun once you pick it up.” Grand Junction disc golf courses are free and the sport doesn’t require expensive equipment to try out.

When Aaron was asked what his favorite disc golf course in Grand Junction was he said, “I like Watson Island and Riverbend Park. Watson Island is a great, beginner-friendly course with a mix of skill level and 24 holes. Riverbend Park might be the best course in the state. It’s got a good mixture of wooded areas, length, and difficulty. It’s also right next to the Colorado River and the Grand Mesa is set as the backdrop so it makes for a beautiful round of disc golf.” 


Aaron also mentioned some of his favorite things about playing disc golf in Grand Junction.


Photo: @nigel.bibler

  • Because of Grand Junction’s elevation (4,583 ft), discs tend to fly a little differently, so you learn to use a variety of techniques. It also helps with conditioning and increasing stamina to help when competing at lower elevations.
  • The Grand Junction disc golf community is active and very supportive. I’m impressed with the local disc golf club, Grand Valley Disc Golf Club, and the support I have received from the community and local businesses. Especially Triple Play Records, which has done so much with its disc return program here in Grand Junction, where we’re always losing discs in lakes and rivers!
  • You’re almost always able to play when you want. The year-round accessibility is great for those who like to be outside and enjoy nature while playing the sport. 
  • You don’t have to pay to play, unlike some of the other courses across the nation.
  • Most of the Grand Junction courses are park-style courses with some trees and obstacles - not too wooded and not too open – so it’s a nice variety.


Aaron’s tips for playing in Grand Junction. 


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  • With Colorado, in general, the weather changes rapidly, so you should always be prepared for all different elements, no matter what it looks like when you’re getting ready. Spring through fall offers great weather for disc golf.
  • Most of the courses in Grand Junction are near the Colorado River, so plan for water hazards. Bring plenty of backup discs and don’t forget to write your name and phone number on the back beforehand, so that it can be returned to you through the disc return program at Triple Play Records. If you do lose a disc, keep an eye out for a text from Triple Play saying that your disc has been found. It is only $2 to retrieve your disc, or you can take in two canned food items to retrieve it. All canned food items that are brought in are then taken and donated to local food banks. 
  • Things fly differently at higher elevations, so you may have to try different techniques to get the disc to fly further. At lower elevations, there’s more glide when you throw your disc.


Photo: @nigel.bibler

Whether you’re trying disc golf for the first time or you are just looking for new courses, you’ll enjoy disc golf in Grand Junction. Also, be sure to check out Grand Junction’s amazing dining, lodging and recreation options!