Discover Camping in Grand Junction

When it comes to finding the perfect place to set up camp, Grand Junction offers a variety of options from finding a spot riverside or lakeside, to on top of a monument, or nestled in a forest. With over a million acres of public lands, three state parks, a national monument, and the Grand Mesa, there are hundreds of potential campsites to choose from, most of which are not overcrowded no matter what time of year you choose to visit. Check out these camping destinations and also where you can purchase and even rent gear.

If you’re looking for a campsite with facilities like running water, showers, and electric hookups, then the Fruita section of the James M Robb State Park is your spot. Right along the Colorado River, the Fruita section has easy access to fishing and floating. The large trees that flourish along the shoreline provide plenty of shade from the summer sun. There are also a few small lakes that can be used for fishing, paddling, or swimming. The campground is open year-round, provides 63 roomy sites for RV’s and tent campers, and can be reserved from mid-March until the end of October. The rest of the year, sites are first come, first served. Water is shut off December through February, so make sure to bring plenty of your own if you plan on any winter camping.

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For a campsite with views that will take your breath away during the day, and become even more captivating at night, pitch your tent at Colorado National Monument. This 20,500-acre Monument is filled with deep canyons and towering rock spires. Over 40 miles of trails run throughout the Monument, providing you options from easy walks, less than a mile, to full-day treks of 14 miles. Even though Colorado National Monument is only ten minutes from Downtown Grand Junction, at night the stars shine bright enough to see other galaxies. The steep canyon walls and glowing red rock towers make the experience even more other-worldly.

The Monument’s Saddlehorn Campground is broken up into three loops. A Loop is open year-round on a first come first served basis. B Loop and C Loop are open mid-March through October and can be reserved up to six months in advance. C Loop can accommodate large groups of 15 or more, but a reservation is required. All sites have a picnic table and charcoal grill. After you've set up camp and the sun has gone down, it's time to go stargazing. Less than a quarter mile from the campground is Book Cliff View. From here, you can walk along the canyon, and you'll find the best views of the night sky overlooking Monument Canyon and the iconic Independence Monument.

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If you’re looking to rough it in the wild with dispersed camping, head up to the Grand Mesa, the world’s largest flat top mountain. With over 300 lakes on the top of the Mesa, it’s easy to find a quiet piece of lakeside property to call home for a night or two. Eggleston Campground, Fish Hawk Campground, and Crag Crest Campground are all located on Eggleston Lake and between these three, there are almost always spots available, and there are plenty of other options sprinkled across the Mesa. These campgrounds are open during the summer months, from mid-spring to late fall, depending on the weather. Dispersed camping sites have no facilities or running water, so make sure you bring everything you need with you and to always pack out what you pack in. While there are no facilities at the Mesa’s dispersed sites, there are restrooms at the Grand Mesa Visitor Center.

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Whether you’re looking to build a new camping kit from scratch or only need to add a few pieces to your existing gear collection, visit Summit Canyon Mountaineering in downtown Grand Junction. With everything you need to get out and enjoy the great outdoors, the knowledgeable staff will help you decide which tents, lanterns, and cookware are right for your needs.

Don’t want to travel with any gear and just rent what you need? Colorado Mesa University (CMU) can provide anything for one night of car camping or a multi-day backpacking trip. CMU's Outdoor Program has all the gear you need for any adventure, from rock climbing to river running to camping. Rent your entire camping kit, tents, backpacks, cookware, sleeping bags and pads. The staff at the Outdoor Program can even show you how to set everything up.

With so many places to explore and the resources to make it easy and convenient, there’s never been a better time to visit Grand Junction! Start planning your trip and see why Grand Junction is a mecca for those who define themselves by the amount of time they spend outdoors.

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