Enjoy the Sounds of Nature's Symphony

Cascading water has a way of relaxing us and seeps the stress away. Not to mention the fact that they are downright mesmerizing to watch.

Grand Junction may be known for its comfortably dry, temperate climate, however, there are a plethora of waterfalls in the area that are spectacular in both sound and sight. Light rain and melting snow from the mountains carve through canyons. The fresh mountain spring water winds its way to striking cliffs gushing with cascading waterfalls.


Big Dominguez Canyon:

The Big Dominguez Canyon waterfall is a bowl rock formation, that allows water to collect in a small pool. 


No Thoroughfare Canyon

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No Thoroughfare Canyon is perhaps one of the most iconic scenes within Colorado National Monument, and for good reason. A desert oasis, this sloping canyon makes its way deep into the red rock filled with lush vegetation that thrive on spring runoff. There are multiple waterfalls in this canyon framed with large flourishing trees.


The Potholes: 

Known as the local's watering hole, the Little Dolores River carves a series of potholes that are connected by several waterfalls. 

The wide-open desert landscape is contradicted by the steep and narrow channel of water, and the surrounding red rock formations add an extra element of otherworldliness.


James M. Robb Colorado River State Park – Connected Lakes Section:

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Along the Audubon Trail, a small waterfall fueled by water from the Gunnison River that has been diverted through the Redlands rushes down before flowing into the connected lakes and finally into the Colorado River. This waterfall is fueled by the Gunnison River that has been diverted to flow through the Redlands. Gentle falls and calm lakes nourish the land which provides for over 200 different species of birds who thrive in the area.


Land’s End Spring:

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Up at the edge of the world’s largest flat-top mountain bursting with over 300 lakes, is the Land’s End Observatory. While the observatory is no longer in use, it’s easy to see what inspired the name. The land seems to end in an impressive and jagged drop-off. Natural Springs and stunning waterfalls cascade down the steep drops along the face of the cliffs.



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