First Fruits of the Season


In Colorado, spring is synonymous with wildflowers, but in Grand Junction, that’s not the only vegetation that’s in blossom right now. Orchards are blooming with color as an array of fruit is in abundance. Apples, pears, grapes, apricots, berries, cherries, and of course peaches overflow at area fruit stands and farmers markets. Restaurants integrate locally grown produce into their seasonal menus.

Apricots, peaches, and cherries are the first fruits to arrive in the spring. Each budding flower is distinctly different, so it’s easy to tell them apart and know which soon-to-be fruit you’re looking at. While peaches are easy to distinguish from apricots and cherries, even from a distance, it will take a closer inspection to tell the apricot and cherry blossoms apart.

Peaches from the Grand Junction area are known for being sweet and perfectly juicy. During the warm summer months, it’s nearly impossible to visit a farmer’s market anywhere in Colorado without seeing a booth selling peaches. They start out as bright pink flowers and are easy to identify even from far away. From a distance, peach orchards blend into a vast sea of soft pink waves that look spectacular and become even more magical when you walk among them.

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While the Grand Junction area might be more known for wine and peaches, the other produce that comes from the fertile soil is exceptional too, including apricots. While they might just look like miniature peaches, right down to the fuzzy skin, apricots have more of a tart taste to them. Apricot blossoms develop soft, pure white flowers that glitter in the sun. 

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The Grand Junction area's juicy and delicious pears also begin their life cycle with flowers somewhere in between peaches and apricots.  All white flowers contrasting with bright green leaves make these trees stand out in among the colorful blooms of the other trees. 

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Check out how you can discover the first fruits of the season on page 37 of the Grand Junction Adventure Guide at events like the Peach Festival!