Grand Junction Volunteer Ambassador Recipes

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In honor of the holidays, Grand Junction’s Volunteer Ambassadors have brought you some of their favorite recipes that they make this time of the year. Just click the link above their photo for the complete recipe.

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Apple Baked Oatmeal


As someone who typically doesn’t care for oatmeal, Marilyn Montoya says that this recipe is the only way she will eat it. According to Marilyn, “this recipe is more like a muffin and is a lot healthier too!”


Zucchini Bread


Brought to you by Joan Hauschel, this zucchini bread recipe is as amazing as Joan is. The best part is that it makes two whole loaves, so you can share with friends, or gift it to your neighbors for the holidays.


Mexican Fruit Cake 

For lack of finding a better name, this Mexican fruit cake really doesn’t have anything Mexican about it. As a super easy and simple recipe, Joan Hauschel says it’s one of her favorites to make and it’s delicious. It’s not your typical fruit cake, don’t worry!


Cranberry Scones

Noted as the best cook in the world by Gerry Richmeier, this cranberry scone recipe is provided by his wife, Carol Richmeier. The best part about these delicious scones is you can freeze them and then bake them in the morning for a quick and easy fresh-baked treat without all the fuss.


Butternut Squash Soup

This delicious recipe was provided by Sylvia Ehler and is perfect for a cold day spent indoors. When not cooking, Sylvia loves spending time outside hiking and enjoying the great outdoors.


Make Ahead Mashed Potatoes


Plan ahead this holiday season with these make-ahead mashed potatoes provided by Barbara Oliver. Barb says that this is the perfect recipe because she can make them ahead of time and she can just goof off the rest of the day (she and Mike enjoy going on their walks).


Simple Smoked Turkey


There’s no injecting or basting involved with this simple smoked turkey recipe provided by Jim Nasalroad. According to Jim, this is the easiest and best way to cook a turkey during the holidays. This is the perfect recipe for those looking to smoke a turkey for the first time. 


Maxine Line’s Peanut Blossom Cookies

News anchor turned baker; Wayne McCormick provided this delicious peanutty cookie recipe. Wayne can be found enjoying a fine glass of bourbon and spending time with his wife. 


Svenska Sockerkaka (Swedish Cake similar to a pound cake except sweeter and with a hint of lemon) 

Bringing her traditional Swedish roots to the mix, Monica Peers provided this Swedish pound cake recipe. She says she is lucky if she can get it out of the house before her husband, Bruce Peers (notorious for his sweet tooth and love for Babe Ruth candy bars), starts digging in. Sometimes Monica has to hide it in the house.


Monica’s Famous Candy

Monica Peers also provided this recipe, and it has quite the story behind it. She and her granddaughter have made it a tradition to make this candy recipe every holiday season. They share an ongoing joke, where her granddaughter says that “Grandma keeps forgetting how to make the candy because she keeps trying to add raisins to it.” Monica is just being clever because she prefers to add the raisins to this recipe, but her granddaughter does not.


For more ways to taste the flavors of Grand Junction, check out pages 16-23 of the Official Grand Junction Visitor Guide.