Grand Junction's Seasonal Fare

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Aside from making special memories during the holidays, festive appetizers, entrees and desserts make everything delightful! From building gingerbread houses to waiting for the next batch of sugar cookies to finish baking, the flavors of the season are what remind many of the nostalgic memories shared with friends and family. But we all need a break and love to be waited on, so start making plans to get out of the house and experience what Grand Junction's chefs have cooked up for you!


Octopus Coffee


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Octopus Coffee is known for obsessing over every delicious detail, and their holiday treats are no exception. Indulge with a freshly baked batch of Gingerbread Cookies and snag their holiday decorated Sugar Cookies for the road. Their Peppermint Mocha is a seasonal delight or sip on the Christmas Plaid Breve, try out their Peppermint Crunch Brownies, Toffee Brownies or pre-order Bake-at-home Cinnamon Rolls to get all the credit without having to do the work. Cinnamon Rolls are available to order a week before Christmas. 

We love Octopus Coffee in an extra special way because they guarantee that if you don't love your drink, they’ll work with you to find something you do like. They train their team to have you taste your drink before you leave to make sure you love it! Obsession is perfection!


Main Street Bagels

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Hot, hot choc-o-LOT! Bringing holiday flavors and stories to life, Main Street Bagels offers a one-of-a-kind specialty drink for a limited time during the holidays. This thick and creamy chocolatey treat, aptly named Express Hot Chocolate, was inspired by the movie, Polar Express, in the scene where the hot chocolate was described as “thick as melted chocolate bars.” Three different kinds of melted chocolate are mixed with a secret blend of ingredients topped with homemade whipped cream piled high enough to kiss your nose. Pair it with fresh-baked Cranberry Scones and take a stroll in Downtown Grand Junction to be inspired by the dazzling holiday lights that light up Main Street.


Enstrom Candies 

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If you prefer your holiday treat to be as cold as a Colorado winter, stop into Enstrom Candies for a heaping scoop of their festive from-scratch ice cream flavors. From Peppermint Cookie Bark Ice Cream to Eggnog Ice Cream, Enstrom is the one-stop shop for holiday sweet treats. Don’t forget to grab a box of their famous Peppermint Bark to take home for yourself or to give as a gift. There is a reason this 3rd generation family-owned candy shop is known all over the world, and it’s not just because the famous John Maher wrote a song about his addiction.


Gemini Beer Company

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Brewing up holiday hops, Gemini Beer Company has released two new festive brews that are turning elves on the shelf into tipsy elves. Try out their seasonally appropriate Cran-apple Sour, with a color profile that lights up the room, or grab a glass of Apple Sage Golden Strong that is mildly sweet and dangerously drinkable. This brew is potent with a 9% ABV, so please drink responsibly. If you decide to stay in Downtown Grand Junction, you have the convenience of walking back to your room.


Ramblebine Brewing

Photo: Ramblebine Brewing Company

Another hoppy joint that is brewing up flavors of the season is Ramblebine Brewing Company. They just released their new holiday porter, Monument Moonrise, with a 6% ABV in partnership with Colorado National Monument Association. This brew was conditioned with roasted pecans, cinnamon and vanilla, with cocoa nibs taking center stage in this dynamic flavor profile. Ramblebine not only brews quality beers and sours, but they also have a serious eye toward art – buy a few cans to go and you’ll see for yourself that they are pieces of art worthy of your mantel.


Talon Wines at the Meadery

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Mulled wine dates back to the 2nd century, created by the Romans who would heat up wine with honey and spices to strengthen their bodies against the cold winter. As its popularity spread throughout the ages, mulled wine became associated with happiness and good health, thus the perfect complement to the holidays. Talon Wines at the Meadery has created three custom mulling spice kits, perfect for experimenting while entertaining this season. The kit includes orange cinnamon, vanilla cinnamon and caramel apple – just add red wine, heat, and pour in your favorite holiday glass or mug and sit by the fire with friends and family, reminiscing about the past year’s memories. We bet this will be your new holiday tradition.


The Ale House

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The Ale House is always forging new frontiers with homegrown, homemade and handcrafted food and drinks. Try their sourdough grilled cheese piled high with brisket, crisp basil, and homemade pimento cheese spread made with piquillo peppers; it’s the perfect accompaniment to the tomato bisque soup. Quench your thirst with the holiday-inspired Caramel Apple Pie Cocktail or the Orange Cinnamon Mojito. Another reason to patronize this local establishment is its commitment to giving back to the community including a holiday toy drive to bring the joy of Christmas to everyone in Grand Junction.


626 on Rood


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Sourcing local is in 626 on Rood’s ethos. Couple that with one of the best restaurants for a romantic ambiance, and you have a perfect match. Reviews speak for themselves: “I don’t know what GJ has done to deserve a restaurant like 626, but I am here for it.” “This cozy restaurant had really nice romantic ambiance!” “Went for a fine dining experience; the food quality was much like other places I have been in Denver and Las Vegas.“ The Chilean Sea Bass is all the rage – marinated in miso with a wasabi sesame slaw, citrus braised fennel, kimchi chive pancakes, black rice, blood orange carrot puree, black garlic, and curry squash puree; it literally looks like a piece of art and tastes exquisite. Rood also has an extensive wine list and friendly staff who helps you pair options with your dining choices.


The Winery Restaurant

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The Winery Restaurant's has a reputation for having a cozy ambiance, some of the best steaks in town, and generous portions. This 90-year-old building with accents of stained glass, barn wood, and brick has an entrance with a gas-lit lamp. Start out with the Macadamia Nut Encrusted Wheel of Brie, which is deep fried and served with New York flatbreads. The Blue Cheese Encrusted Filet Mignon is USDA Choice, no hormones or antibiotics, and is finished with a port wine reduction. Treat yourself to dessert - we recommend Leopold’s Blackberry & Tahitian Vanilla Ice Cream from the famous Enstrom Candies based in Grand Junction and the blackberry liquor is from Leopold’s in Denver, Colorado.


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