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Grand Junction’s Most Memorable Moments of 2022

It’s been quite a year as we look back at all that Grand Junction has achieved in 2022: Grand Junction played host to many exciting events, most of which will be back in 2023. A variety of businesses who were looking to elevate the quality of life for their staff, while also finding an affordable…

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Grand Junction's Craft & Culinary Scene

Local produce and natural ingredients are often hard to come by, but not in Grand Junction! Regionally grown goods can be found in many of the shops and local markets around town. From flavorful fruits and fresh veggies to aromatic herbs and natural spices – Grand Junction’s agricultural scene is…

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Made in Grand Junction

As a city with a young and entrepreneurial spirit, Grand Junction has played host to some of the most innovative and creative ideas to hit the market. Finding holistic ways to combine the natural resources and opportunities of the area with simplicity and functionality to produce expertly crafted…

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RVing Made Easy in Grand Junction

4 Minute Read Photo: @freeaswheeleverbe There is nothing better than packing up the Winnebago and hitting the open road. So, before you hitch up and head out, grab your trusty travel map or ask Siri to navigate you to Grand Junction, Colorado pronto! Wide-open vistas of diverse geological…

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Grand Junction’s Must-Try Wine!

7 Minute Read Two Rivers Winery & Chateau Photo: Visit Grand Junction Not only a destination for sampling award-winning wine in the luxurious tasting lounge, Two Rivers Winery and Chateau offers an enhanced Colorado experience. This Grand Junction winery, set at the base of Colorado National…

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Colorado Family Vacation

Destination: Grand Junction! Photo: @overnight_nomads Report cards are done and the final bell has rung. Now that the school year has come to an end, you know what that means – family vacation! It’s time to reward the kiddos for their straight A’s (we like to think so) and mom & dad for helping…

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Shopping in Grand Junction

If you are ready to hang up your bulky winter jackets and update your spring wardrobe, Grand Junction offers some of the best boutique and trendy shops to do just that! Plus, everyone needs a little retail therapy and we hereby give you permission! Explore outdoor gear, western wear, uncanny art…

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22 Things to Do in Grand Junction, COLORADO in 2022!

There is no other place in Colorado where you experience the intersection of so many prized ecosystems. Mountains. Rivers. Canyons. Lakes. High Desert. Forests. For people who define themselves by the amount of time they spend outdoors, this is their mecca. So check out this bucket list, and before…

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Guys' Trip To Grand Junction, Colorado

Day One: Morning Jumpstart your guys' trip with hand-crafted bagels and spreads from Main Street Bagels in Downtown Grand Junction. Sink your teeth into the Jalapeño Scram for a spicy mouthful of flavors that are sure to wake you up. This savory bagel sandwich is stacked high with eggs, red…

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Gals' Getaway in Grand Junction, Colorado

Day One: Morning Photo: @dreamcafegj Rise and shine ladies! Kick off a glorious girls’ trip with some early morning nutrition from Dream Cafe, located on Main Street in Downtown Grand Junction. Celebrate getting together with mimosas or bloody marys and cheers to the fun day ahead. Fuel up with…

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