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Dinosaur Hiking Trail: Where to See Fossils in Grand Junction

You don’t have to travel back in time to discover where the dinosaurs used to roam. Millions of years ago, Grand Junction and much of Colorado were occupied by some great prehistoric species. The horned Triceratops munched on local flora and the fearsome Tyrannosaurus hunted its prey in Grand…

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Made in Grand Junction

As a city with a young and entrepreneurial spirit, Grand Junction has played host to some of the most innovative and creative ideas to hit the market. Finding holistic ways to combine the natural resources and opportunities of the area with simplicity and functionality to produce expertly crafted…

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Grand Mesa Lakes: Top Lakes in Grand Mesa

5 Minute Read Grand Mesa Lakes: Exploring Lakes in the Grand Mesa Area Photo: @priceless_captures_photography If you’re craving an open air excursion with beautiful lakeside views, the Grand Mesa near Grand Junction, Colorado offers just that. The Grand Mesa is the world’s largest flat-top…

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A Pet-Friendly Weekend Getaway in Grand Junction

Photo: @wanderwithjoey Grand Junction offers an array of outdoor activities that are fun for both your furry friend and yourself – making it the perfect pet-friendly weekend getaway. As one of Colorado’s most pet-friendly places to visit, Grand Junction has a plethora of lodging options and outdoor…

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Foraging in Colorado: 8 Foods to Find

Photo: @schofflin When you picture outdoor activities in the Grand Junction area, you probably think of scenic hikes, thrilling bike rides, and cliffside climbing excursions. But there’s a less talked about the option that’s sure to excite the adventurous foodie: foraging in Colorado. Foraging is…

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Blossom Season in Grand Junction

Grand Junction Wildflower Hikes @db_outdoorsaddict The peak season for wildflowers around Grand Junction is earlier than most of Colorado due to warm winters and no mud season. So, if you come to the area searching for wildflower hikes, late April to late September are great times to head out…

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22 Things to Do in Grand Junction, COLORADO in 2022!

There is no other place in Colorado where you experience the intersection of so many prized ecosystems. Mountains. Rivers. Canyons. Lakes. High Desert. Forests. For people who define themselves by the amount of time they spend outdoors, this is their mecca. So check out this bucket list, and before…

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Winter Camping in Colorado National Monument

Photo: @nates_overlanding Less than 10 minutes from Downtown Grand Junction, you can camp in an area that offers dramatic sunrises, breathtaking sunsets and out-of-this-world stargazing – even during the winter season. Winter camping in Colorado National Monument boasts all the things that make it…

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