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Grand Junction's Riverfront Trail

Grand Junction sits right at the confluence of the Colorado and Gunnison Rivers. The name "Grand Junction" even comes from the city's proximity to these two significant riverways. The Colorado snakes through the area, and downtown Grand Junction is only a few minutes walk from its sandy banks…

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Grand Junction Loves Pups!

@fishingpup Grand Junction loves dogs, and with hundreds of miles of trails to explore and plenty of water to quench their thirst and jump in, dogs love Grand Junction! Although traveling with your furry companion is rewarding, it does take a little extra planning. Here are some suggestions to make…

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Insider's Guide to the Grand Mesa

@vanthompson_family Reaching over 11,000 feet and encompassing over 500 square miles, the Grand Mesa provides hundreds of hikes with the peace and tranquility you expect when spending time with nature. Only 45 minutes from Grand Junction, the top of the world’s largest flat-top mountain is an…

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Discover Moose on the Grand Mesa

When you’re hiking through the woods on top of the world’s largest flat-top mountain, the Grand Mesa National Forest, listen carefully for snapping branches in the distance. Keep your eyes peeled for lumbering beasts moving amongst the trees. The dense pine forests and aspen groves, combined with…

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Mica Mine & Rough Canyon

Within just 20 minutes from Downtown Grand Junction, two pristine canyon trails can be found in the Bangs Canyon Recreation Area. The Mica Mine Trail and the Rough Canyon Trail start from the same trailhead and share the first little section of the trail before separating and offering something very…

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Hidden Gems: Miracle Rock and the Potholes

With over 1.5 million acres of public land in a county that is bigger than Rhode Island and Delaware combined, it’s no surprise that Grand Junction is an outdoor recreation mecca and dramatically different than any other destination you have visited. From Colorado National Monument, which is…

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Enjoy the Sounds of Nature's Symphony

Photo: @Kaitlin Costa Many say that nature heals the soul and waterfalls are far from the exception. According to “The Owner’s Manual for the Brain: Everyday Applications from Mind-Brain Research” written by Pierce Howard Ph.D., when water molecules fall and collide with other water molecules, they…

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