Treat yourself to Grand Junction!

Be Sweet Café and Bakeshop


 Photo @besweetbakeshop

Cinnamon rolls and pecan sticky buns are the specialties at Be Sweet Café and Bakeshop in Downtown Grand Junction. There you’ll find an array of made-from-scratch baked goods such as scones, cupcakes, sweet breads, coffeecake and pies.

Owner Carrie Litz, who opened her shop three years ago, also makes custom-designed wedding cakes, so you can only imagine the talent and attention to detail that this shop bakes into every sweet treat they offer.


Be Sweet offers a full espresso bar of coffees brewed from local coffee roaster Colorado Legacy. Additionally, Be Sweet makes frappes and fruit smoothies using locally grown peaches, cherries and other produce when in season. “We love to support local businesses as much as we can,” Litz says. 

With all things fall comes the obligatory pumpkin everything, and Be Sweet delivers in spades. Stop in for their pumpkin cream latte or a caramel apple butter chai. Both can be served hot or iced.

No matter where you are in Grand Junction, the landscapes are the cherry on top as you sit outside and sip your favorite steaming beverage. At Be Sweet, you can sit inside or relax outside, where you can view the sandstone cliffs of Colorado National Monument in the distance.

Local secret: Mention “happy hour” from 2-4 p.m. any afternoon for a discounted beverage or perhaps two pastries for the price of one!


Sweet Kiwi Bakery


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Sweet Kiwi Bakery is known for its custom orders – “that’s how we started,” says owner LaRae Biocic, who expanded into a storefront in 2019. 

“Our specialties include cheesecakes, croissants and breads,” she says. You’ll also find Danishes, donuts, cookies, scones, and savory items like quiche, green chili cheddar rolls, and a breakfast Stromboli. There’s also a good mix of gluten-free items. Sweet Kiwi also makes bagels from scratch, so don't sleep on those.


For a limited time, Sweet Kiwi is bringing back their famous homemade pumpkin spice syrup - perfect for any hot cup of joe on a brisk autumn day. The pop tarts are also made in-house and filled with either apple and cardamom spice, or strawberry preserves – but you need to come early, those treats tend to sell out by early morning, says Biocic.

For customers’ convenience there’s a drive-through window with a drink menu posted outside. The staff also shares their daily pastry menu that you can peruse and choose from. Sweet Kiwi serves a variety of coffee drinks and teas, with chai sourced from Sanctuary Chai in Denver. All of its coffee syrups are made in-house. 


Sugar & Ice Co.



Conveniently located near Colorado Mesa University, Sugar and Ice Co., fuels students and residents with a full espresso bar, baked goods, yogurt treats and shaved ice.

Pastry items often include blueberry scones, garden veggie scones, miniature pies such as pecan, apple, blueberry, and cherry. Cinnamon rolls and bacon cinnamon rolls are the shop’s best sellers and are available daily, says manager Amanda Pineda. 


You’ll also find at Sugar and Ice “keto” cookies – a high-protein, low-carbohydrate, gluten-free cookie made with almond flour. Aside from these popular cookies, there is a significant about of keto friendly products.

Sugar and Ice has been popular with college students ever since owners Savannah Tompkins and Tony Smith opened the shop July 26, 2020. The university donated outdoor tables for area businesses, where customers can sip coffee and enjoy a sweet treat outside.


Main Street Bagels


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Main Street Bagels has been an important fixture in Downtown Grand Junction since Mark and Missy Smith opened the shop in 1995.

You’ll be tempted with lemon-raisin or cranberry-orange scones, cinnamon rolls, muffins, biscotti, and cookies – including a high-protein cookie made with quinoa and chia seeds – as well as gluten- and/or dairy-free items. A vegan triple-chocolate cookie is “beyond decadent,” says Missy.

Looking for something to fancy your fall flavor craving? Pop in to try the seasonal pumpkin chip muffin. If you’re more of a savory person there are plain croissants, and bialys made with spinach and swiss cheese or green chili-cheddar – a traditional Jewish recipe the owners learned in New York. Main Street Bagels also makes several European-style breads such as country sourdough, cranberry walnut, multigrain, whole wheat, baguettes, and challah – a sweet buttery Jewish braided bread.

The shop makes all kinds of bagels; its best seller being the cinnamon crunch which is delicious with cream cheese. During peach harvest season they make a peachy cream cheese – which, spread on a cinnamon crunch bagel tastes like peach pie, says Missy. When local apples ripen, the shop makes apple cream cheese, perfect on a cinnamon crunch bagel. There are other cream cheese flavors, too, such as crunch veggie, spinach artichoke, and berry-berry. 

A local favorite is the homemade granola, which is ideal to grab before your hike or mountain biking excursion for the day. Holiday-themed pastries are also popular, ensuring that anytime you drop by Main Street Bagels, you’ll find something new to try. 


For more sweet treats and other Grand Junction dining, check out page 48 of the Official Grand Junction Visitor Guide.