Care for Colorado and Leave No Trace

Colorado is the first state to officially partner with Leave No Trace and continues to promote a fun and sustainable Colorado for everyone. Check out the video and see how you can get Colo-ready! 


This land really is your land and there is so much to love! State and Federal agencies manage public land encompassing over 42 percent of Colorado’s breathtaking landscape, and our cities and counties protect even more. To assist with your outdoor love-affair, we have some helpful pointers to enhance your adventures even more.

Coloradoans know how to plan ahead and prepare! There is no better way to promote sustainability than taking the time to plan your trip and become familiar with the area you are visiting. Not only will this help protect our amazing landscapes, but it will help you have a better experience too! Try and schedule your trip to avoid high traffic times. Fewer people on the trails means less wear and tear, but it also means a more intimate experience with nature for you! Make sure you have room in your pack for extra layers and bring extra water – you just might hike longer than you planned on once you unplug and become one with nature. 

Travel and camp on durable surfaces! Established trails, rock, gravel, dry grasses, and snow are all great surfaces to explore on. However, Colorado ecosystems are delicate and tromping around on plants or softer soils can be extremely damaging. Help make sure everyone gets to enjoy our Colorado by ensuring it remains in its natural state. When looking for a campsite, remember that great campsites are found, not made! You shouldn't have to do any altering to a site. Camping 200 feet away from lakes and streams will also help keep the water clean and pristine, and the fish will thank you for that! 

Pack it in, pack it out - leave with everything you started with! Be a good ambassador to the wild - if you see someone else's trash pick it up and make sure it gets to a proper waste bin. Other people will follow your example and let’s be honest, it will make you feel great! 

Leave what you find! Arrowheads, pictographs, ancient structures, and even rocks and plants are all part of the amazing history and geology of Colorado. Some have been there for hundreds of years, and future generations will want to see them too! 

Minimize the impacts of campfires. Help minimize wildfire risks by always adhering to current fire restrictions. Only have fires in established fire rings or pits. Keep fires small and under control and always, always make sure they are completely extinguished and the ashes are cool before leaving them unattended.


Respect wildlife. Even though they look cute and cuddly, feeding animals changes their natural behavior. This exposes them to new predators and other dangers. Respect and increase your distance during sensitive times like mating season.

Be considerate of other visitors. Share the trail, yield to others coming uphill and share a friendly greeting as they pass. While you might dig your own groovy tunes, others might not and wildlife will certainly avoid you when they hear you coming. Keep voices and music low and let the sounds of nature serenade you.


That’s it, you’re now Colo-ready! Thank you for helping us protect our beautiful state and check out for more information on how to Leave No Trace. 


     Photo by @colorado_meanderings