Grand Junction Virtual Zoom Backgrounds

Allow beautiful Grand Junction to be the background of your next conference call. That'll be a conversation starter!


Free Visit Grand Junction Virtual Backgrounds for Zoom

You may be working from home, but it doesn't have to look like you're working from home. Use one of these breath-taking backgrounds to give your next conference call something to talk about. 

Scroll to the bottom of this page for instructions on how to upload one of these backgrounds to Zoom to use for your next call.


Rattlesnake Arches - DOWNLOAD


Colorado National Monument - DOWNLOAD



Colorado National Monument - DOWNLOAD


Downtown Grand Junction - DOWNLOAD


Mount Garfield - DOWNLOAD


Unaweep Canyon - DOWNLOAD


How to Enable a Virtual Background on Zoom:

  1. Download one of the backgrounds above.
  2. Download or Open the Zoom App - If you need assistance with download, click here.
  3. Open the app and sign in to the Zoom web portal.
  4. Click on "Settings."
  5. On the left side menu, click on "Virtual Background." If you don't see that option on the Zoom App, visit the Zoom website. On the website go to "Settings" and toggle "Virtual Background."
  6. In the "Virtual Background" menu, click on the (+) icon on the right side of the box. 
  7. In the pop-up box, select your Grand Junction background and upload it. 

*Tip: If you use a Virtual Background on your next Zoom call - try to call in front of a blank wall. That way your virtual background will appear seamless.