Hiking and Biking BLM Trails in Grand Junction

Western Colorado trails vary in views and difficulty

The Bureau of Land Management oversees stewardship of vast public lands in Western Colorado. Here's just a sampling of hiking and biking trails that await in and near Grand Junction, Colorado:

Trail Through Time - In Rabbit Valley (Exit 2 off I-70, 30 miles west of Grand Junction), a 1.5-mile interpretive loop encompassing a dinosaur quarry unearthing fossil remains of creatures that walked here 140 million years ago. Trail is best in spring and fall.

Little Book Cliffs Wild Horse Area - Interlocking hiking and horseback riding trails access canyons and plateaus, where 80-120 wild horses roam free. Horses also may be sighted in the sagebrush parks, but it's often a matter of luck.

Cactus Park - A popular route into Big Dominguez Canyon for both hikers (strenuous) and mountain bikers (double-track, moderate). A waterfall and large boulders with ancient petroglyphs are found about a mile upstream from the confluence of Big and Little Dominguez creeks.

Mack Ridge - Six mountain biking loops off Kokopelli's Trail, a 142-mile bike route connecting Grand Junction with Moab, Utah. The Mack Ridge loops range from 2.9–9.3 miles, easy to strenuous.

Mt. Garfield Trail - A steep and strenuous two-mile ascent of Mt. Garfield, offering spectacular views of the Grand Valley to the west and Little Book Cliffs Wild Horse Area to the east.