Lunch Loop Bike Park Challenges All Mountain Bikers

Beginners and experts will find plenty of diverse terrain to explore at the Lunch Loop Bike Park in Grand Junction, Colorado

In Grand Junction, mountain bikers will find the exciting Lunch Loop Bike Park, a collection of dirt hills and jumps spread throughout four distinct practice areas. Using funds from community partners, the Colorado Plateau Mountain Bike Trail Association built the park in 2010. The group is known for developing and maintaining well-known bike trails such as Tabeguache Trail and Kokopelli’s Trail, which cover hundreds of miles through western Colorado and southeastern Utah. 

The Lunch Loop Bike Park, which is located at the trailhead of Tabeguache Trail System, is designed to develop and hone mountain bike skills that are utilized on remote single track trails

The Lunch Loop Skills Area features a pump track, where riders learn to “pump” their handlebars and build momentum around the track.  It was built with a series of bumps to be ridden without pedaling. The area also features graduated jump lines for beginner, intermediate and advanced riders, and a dual slalom course. This is the place for inexperienced riders to learn how to maneuver technical spots that could cause troubles in the backcountry.  It's also the place for experienced riders looking to practice: all the dirt jumps are a great spot to test freestyle skills. 

All in all, the bike park is an ideal place for riders of all skill levels to test their abilities and interact with fellow members of the mountain biking community.