Meet Your Chief Ranger at the Colorado National Monument

Grand Junction's Frontline Tourism Employee of the Year

June 2017 marks the start of the fifth year for Mark Davison to serve as Chief Ranger at the Colorado National Monument; he previously served in that capacity at Scotts Bluff National Monument (Nebraska) and Capulin Volcano National Monument (New Mexico).  In each position, Mark has gone beyond the requirements of his position, reaching out to the tourism community in many ways.  Since 2012 at Colorado National Monument, Mark has been especially active with the bicycling community, helping organize and facilitate non-competitive “tour” events - events that are open to all cyclists regardless of age and capabilities, thus drawing visitors to the valley who want to experience the scenery.  Mark engages with tourism partners in other ways as well, seeking to welcome visitors to the Monument and its campground and promoting a wide range of permits for special uses such as rock climbing and family events.