Tabeguage Trailhead
Grand Junction, CO 81501

The Tabeguache Trail spans out and connnects Grand Junction to Montrose through it's 142 miles of wild, uninhabited desert. This trail starts out at the No Thoroughfare Canyon at the Colorado National Monument and will run all the way to Montrose, CO and can take several days to complete, depending on the type of transport you choose.

Most of the Tabeguahce is not patrolled by the BLM or USFS so it is recommended that users come prepared with plenty of water as well as survival skills. GPS and compasses are encouraged.

During hunting season, please be sure to wear orange hats and jackets.

This trail becomes impassible when wet using mountain bikes or vehicles

Difficulty: Very Difficult

General Information:Dogs Allowed, Trail Length: 142 Miles
Time to Experience:Multi-day