Peach Martini Recipe: From Idea #6 in "23 Ideas to Bring Wine Country Into Your Life"

The chef and owner of The Winery restaurant in downtown Grand Junction, enjoys access to his eatery’s massive wine list, which includes all the amazing offerings from Colorado Wine Country.

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From Idea 6: Recipe-Peach Cocktail
Steve Thoms is a self-proclaimed wine snob. The chef and owner of The Winery restaurant in Downtown Grand Junction, enjoys access to his eatery’s massive wine list, which includes all the amazing offerings from Colorado Wine Country. But Thoms likes to mix things up once in a while — figuratively and literally. This is especially true during Grand Junction’s peach season. Indeed, the same fruitful soil that nourishes Colorado Wine Country’s lush vineyards, also sustains orchards of sweet cherries, crisp apples, succulent apricots and world famous peaches. In fact the peaches are so good, people often travel hundreds if not thousands of miles just to get a taste of the annual harvest. But Thoms is lucky. He doesn’t have to drive anywhere. He lives in Colorado Wine Country and there’s a peach tree in his backyard. Over the years he’s made peach pies, peach melba and countless other peach-centric dishes. But his favorite on a hot summer day? The (fresh) Peach Martini.
1 Fresh Palisade Peach
1 oz. Peach Schnapps
6 oz. Peach Vodka (preferably self infused)
Slice the peach into halves and muddle one half in a mixing glass (making sure the juices release.) In a martini shaker add the fresh peach juice, Schnapps, Vodka and ice. Shake vigorously. For extra sweetness, rim the glass with sugar. Strain and garnish with a peach wedge. Makes two drinks.
Recipe courtesy Chef Steve Thoms
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