Reds, Whites & Green

There are plenty of reasons to host your meeting in Grand Junction, CO, including eco-friendly options.

Vibrant colors abound naturally in Grand Junction, from the red of the Colorado National Monument to the white of the Colorado River rapids. The city is green, too, and not only outdoors.

Two Rivers Convention Center is "green" as in eco-friendly, and it offers several ways your event can be easy on the environment. The 23,000-square-foot site is dedicated to producing meetings and events that leave a minimal carbon footprint.

For starters, every day the convention center recycles paper, plastic or glass bottles, cardboard, aluminum and other metals used during events. Every week, it recycles batteries, fluorescent light bulbs and printer cartridges.

Its custodians use Green Seal-certified cleaning products to clean the facility, including its restrooms, where you will find environmentally friendly hand soaps and paper products made of recycled material.

Even when it comes to the big picture, Two Rivers Convention Center is continually conscious of the environment. Solar panels on the roof help power the venue, showing significant energy savings depicted by the monitor displayed in the Atrium area. The solar electricity design incorporates the concept of an awning/roof mount, which provides shade and reduces the cooling load.

Two Rivers Convention Center proudly considers the environment when completing other large renovation projects. When new carpet was recently installed in the meeting rooms, the facility selected carpeting made from recycled materials and environmentally friendly dyes.

The convention center offers environmentally friendly options and you, too, get to play a part in making your event green. Choose between filtered tap water or bottled water, bulk condiments or individual packets, and local and organic meals or non-organic foods that traveled long distances.

The convention center also encourages planners to commit to sustainability. You can do this by providing your attendees with information on a website or via e-mail, eliminating conference programs or reducing the amount of paper used for them, giving out reusable conference bags, water bottles, and more.

Also in Grand Junction are "green-minded" hotels. Clarion Inn participates in its brand's Supports Green Initiatives environmental program, meaning it encourages guests to re-use towels and linens, uses energy-efficient lighting and recycles.

And according to an audit, Ramada Inn practices nearly 20 eco-initiatives, including energy efficiency, water conservation, cleaning with environmentally friendly products, recycling and reducing waste.

Grand Junction's ever-expanding eco-friendliness adds to its appeal, giving meeting planners and tour operators the green light to bring groups to Western Colorado.