Ride Glade Park’s Rolling Hills

The route between Grand Junction and Glade Park is a scenic ride for cyclists in western Colorado.

The route from Grand Junction to Glade Park is only 16 miles, but it’s jam-packed with windy turns, incredible views and scenic overlooks, making it an extremely enjoyable place to ride bikes for a few hours.

While riding along Monument Road, you’ll encounter wide-open plains, as well as a twisty section of road that some cyclists refer to as the “rollers,” because the road rolls up and down, around, and across a beautiful expanse of western Colorado. 

Take in the views of startling white and red sandstone formations standing majestically behind fields of blossoming yellow rabbitbrush, all set off by a huge, blue sky. Out on the high plains of western Colorado, cyclists can see singing bluebirds, soaring red-tailed hawks and grazing mule deer.

This route is ideal during cooler times, such as crisp fall afternoons and early mornings in the summer.