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Visit Grand Junction offers a wide array of resources that are available to Grand Junction Tourism Stakeholders. This page will help you learn more about the support Visit Grand Junction offers your business. For your convenience, we have created a Q&A format that will assist you in deciding what services may help your business marketing initiatives. 

If there are services you are seeking that are not referenced on this page, please feel free to share via the open comment area at the end of this page. You can also leave an open comment if you wish to share questions, opinions, or suggestions. Thank you, we appreciate your feedback!

Is my tourism-related business listed on

  • If you answered no or not sure, feel free to reach out to Mason at MasonB and he will get you set up! *You can check by typing your business name in the upper right-hand search window on (to the left of the “GO” button).

How do I access my business listing so that I can modify/add to it?

  • Visit Grand Junction is currently in the process of launching a new website. If you have an edit to your website listing, please contact Mason at MasonB

Does my business listing include updated, relevant, and seasonally appropriate information?

  • If you answered no, we recommend keeping your listing as up-to-date as possible including images, description, address, and links. This can be done at any time by reaching out to Mason at MasonB

Can I add or remove images to my business listing?

  • Yes, we recommend you add and swap images seasonally throughout the year to ensure that your listing is up-to-date and remains relevant to guests and residents.

Do I have my business social media accounts linked to my business listing page on

  • If you answered no, please contact Mason at MasonB The following social media channels can be added: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.

Can I submit deals for the specials page on

  • Yes, you can add deals and specials by reaching out to Mason at MasonB You can add deals, images, and set expiration dates. All deals entered on your listing are displayed on the Deals & Coupons page.

How can I provide helpful guest information on my business website/social channels?

  • The best way to provide guest information on your website and social channels is by linking to This helps guests plan their trip to Grand Junction and decide what other local businesses to check out, which ultimately extends their stay.
  • You can also link the digital version of the Grand Junction Visitor Guide on your website for guests to have quick access to itineraries, restaurants, and other local businesses.


Event Calendar on

How do I submit an event for the event calendar?

  • You can submit your events on Visit Grand Junction’s event calendar by going to this link or going to the event calendar and clicking on the link hyperlinked at the top of the page. It is recommended that you include at least 3 images, including a logo, per event submission. 

What if I have my event listed on Visit Grand Junction’s event calendar and I have edits to make?

  • For event edits, feel free to reach out to Mason at MasonB


Social Media

Should I follow Visit Grand Junction on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, Pinterest, and YouTube?

Should I tag Visit Grand Junction in my social posts and stories?

  • Yes, we recommend that you tag our profile in your posts and also tag them with #ShareGJ. This provides you additional visibility and helps us stay informed of new things that you may be offering. 


Photos and Videos

How do I know if my photo is good enough to share?

  • Photos do not need to look perfect – people trust images that are taken by locals and guests. That is why user-generated content is so popular with consumers. Photos that capture a unique food item; images of people laughing with a coffee or drink in their hand; action shots to help the consumer feel what it’s like to experience the activity; posing with a sculpture Downtown – all provide fantastic and inspirational content.

How do I share photos with Visit Grand Junction?

  • We are always looking to update and share photos. Images must be sent to us via this link, no exceptions.
  • You can also connect your social profiles to Visit Grand Junction's library, so that your updates, promotions, and offerings are immediately shared with Visit Grand Junction. This eliminates the extra step of contacting us separately. Visit GJ will then utilize this information to create marketing content to support you through our digital channels. Click here to connect your posts!


Blog Content

How do I get my business included in new blog content?

  • Visit Grand Junction is always adding new blog content and looking for new ways to highlight local businesses. We will be starting a new blog series called “Meet the Owners”. The series will highlight local business owners/managers/staff and their unique story of starting their business or why they moved to the Grand Junction area. If this is something you would be interested in, please reach out to Mason at MasonB
    • Note: By replying to the monthly PR eNewsletter and sharing information about your business, it helps us to know what you’re offering and where we can include you in blog content. Sometimes stories that are unique about a business don’t get picked up by press but are perfect blog opportunities. 


Grand Junction Outdoor Adventure Pass

What is the Grand Junction Outdoor Adventure Pass?

  • The Grand Junction Outdoor Adventure Pass is a free app designed by Visit Grand Junction to offer residents and guests the opportunity to be rewarded for spending time outdoors. Visit GJ built this pass to include a variety of different trails and areas to assist in Visit Grand Junction's destination management strategy. The strategy includes encouraging explorers to spread out and discover trails they may not be aware of. Of course, the iconic places are also included, especially for visitors who do not know the area.
  • Visit Grand Junction will be releasing additional passes. The next pass that will be released is an Art Pass - it will include check-ins sculptures and murals around town.

How does the pass work?

  • Start by going to this page and signing up for the GJ Outdoor Adventure Pass. You can then add the app to the home screen on your phone and begin checking into select trails and areas. Each trail/area has a specific check-in location. Once you are within range of the check-in location, you will be able to check-in using the pass. After you have checked into enough trails/areas, you will be alerted that you have received reward(s) from local businesses. Take your phone to the local business and show them the reward you have earned. For example, after you check into 5 trails/areas, you will receive the following FREE rewards: Bananas Foster at Devil's Kitchen, axe throwing at Axeology, and BOGO beer at Bistro 743.
  • There is a Q&A page on the app that shares further helpful details regarding how to use the pass. 

How do I get my business included in the Grand Junction Outdoor Adventure Pass?

  • If you would like to offer a reward for users and be included on the Grand Junction Outdoor Adventure Pass, please reach out to Mason at MasonB and include the subject line: "Reward Location - Outdoor Pass". This is a great way to garner business (the reward recipient generally brings friends and/or family with them, who make a purchase), while also rewarding people for spending time outdoors! Visit GJ will also provide reports generated by the platform that details data on the consumer groups who have redeemed a reward at your location.


Monthly eNewsletters

Am I signed up for all three of Visit Grand Junction’s monthly communications (PR Partner, Stakeholder, and Marketing)?

  • Visit Grand Junction sends out three email campaigns a month and past campaigns can be viewed here. The Stakeholder and PR Partner eNewsletters are opportunities for Visit GJ to share recent work and accomplishments. Information includes earned, owned, and paid channels, events, media coverage, partnership opportunities, lodging tax reporting, and important information for tourism partners to be aware of. Additionally, Visit GJ sends out a monthly Marketing eNewsletter that is distributed to both visitors and residents - worldwide. This eNews highlights upcoming local events, things to do, blogs, itineraries, and social posts. We recommend that sign up for all three. We remove duplicates so even if you aren’t sure, sign up!


Public Relations (PR)

How do I get included in local press opportunities?

  • Be sure you are signed up for all 3 monthly eNewsletters (see above question). In the monthly PR eNews, topics will be shared with requests for information. Your response will be shared with national media that Visit Grand Junction is partnering with, including Colorado Tourism Office. Press generally will only pick up an item that is new, unique or trending so try to think outside the box to help your chances of press including your offering.
  • You can also connect your social media accounts with Visit GJ to provide you with further support in obtaining press and fulfilling your business needs. Click here to connect.


Official Grand Junction Visitor Guide

Can I stock the Official Grand Junction Visitor Guide at my business?

  • Yes, we drop them off and stop by to restock, so it’s super convenient. You can choose either a counter or floor stand.

What do I do if I have a suggestion for the Grand Junction Visitor Guide?

  • Feel free to reach out to Mason at MasonB We love hearing suggestions and feedback!


Digital Marketing Solutions

How can Visit Grand Junction help me with my digital marketing?

  • Visit Grand Junction is bringing digital marketing support to local businesses in the Grand Junction area by assisting in social media, SEO, SEM, new websites, chatbots, eNewsletters, first-party data, and other marketing services you may need. With ARPA grant funds, these co-op services will be provided to you at half the cost.


Visit Grand Junction and Colorado Tourism Office

How can I partner with Visit Grand Junction and Colorado Tourism Office?

  • Visit Grand Junction purchases a full-page ad in the Colorado State Vacation Guide which sets the stage for the Grand Junction section of this annual guide. To support you in your own advertising in the Colorado State Vacation Guide, Visit GJ pays 15% of your ad cost for any ad that you choose to place in this same section of the guide. Contact the following if you are interested in participating in this opportunity: [email protected] and [email protected]
  • Visit Grand Junction attends the annual Colorado Governor's Tourism Conference (GovCon) and encourages area tourism businesses in Grand Junction to join as well. Visit GJ covers the cost of any new attendee's registration, transportation and hotel costs. Complete this form at any time of the year to apply for consideration to join the Grand Junction team at GovCon.

Visit Grand Junction will continue to update this page as existing services evolve and new projects arise. You might want to consider bookmarking this page for easy reference.