Student Travel Planning Guide

With over 300 days of sunshine, Grand Junction is the place for kids to get outside and experience adventure like it was meant to be – LIVE!


The Colorado National Monument offers 11 canyons with hiking trails just waiting to be explored.  You’ll find everything from an easy 15-minute walk to an all-out “I can’t believe I did that” hike of Rattlesnake Canyon – just the name is a challenge. But, it gets better: How would you like to rappel from 90 feet or go rock climbing?  

However, that’s not all the Monument has to offer. After you’ve hiked the Monument you are going to be starving, so you’re going to need to refuel — but not the ordinary way.  A “meal on the Monument” at Devil’s Kitchen with towering rock formations as your backdrop is what you’ll need. This is where video games locations become reality.  If the name is too much for you, there is always Saddlehorn Picnic Area, with equally awesome views.

If you’re here first and foremost for performing, The Colorado National Monument has an amphitheater for your more cultural side. Picture this: you’re more than 5,000 feet above sea level, playing over the canyons — it doesn’t get any better than that.

We’ve got inside venues as well for performing.  The Avalon Theatre was recently renovated and a rooftop terrace was added, allowing for 360-degree views of scenic beauty. The theatre boasts state-of-the-art sound technology and seats more than 1,000 people.

If you are into “old stuff” (no, not your Grandpa’s ’56 Chevy – we’re talking O-L-D … a real dinosaur, millions of years old), Grand Junction has dinosaur digs.  That’s right, you finally have permission to dig in the dirt.  Dinosaur remains are discovered every year in the Mygatt Moore Quarry.  If you don’t “dig” that, maybe you’d rather check out what happens after dinosaur bones are discovered in this area and that can be found at Dinosaur Journey.  This interactive museum includes a paleontology lab where the dinosaur bones are prepared, an earthquake simulator, and of course, dinosaur skeletons. 

Maybe you’re not into ancient. Maybe you’re into the Wild West. We’ve got that, too.  Rim Rock Adventures has horseback riding daily, as well as weekly rodeos on Tuesday nights.  They are also located on the Colorado River to offer float trips, Stand-Up-Paddle boards, kayaking and canoeing.  

Now for the “gnarly”… mountain biking and skiing.  GRAND JUNCTION IS THE PLACE FOR MOUNTAIN BIKING – PERIOD.  Grand Junction has some of the most technical mountain biking there is in the world.  But don’t worry, if you are just starting out, there are plenty of easy trails, too.

Skiing – what kind would you like?  We’ve got downhill at our local ski resort, Powderhorn Mountain Resort, as well as cross country, telemarking and snowshoeing.  

So, when the sun goes down, and you just can’t possibly handle any more fresh air (wink, wink), you might want to try your skills at skating, laser tag or bowling at Spin City. Or, if you just didn’t get enough fresh air, you can hit up Bananas Fun Park and try your hand at miniature golf, go-karts, bumper boats, batting cages or the arcade.