3839 G Rd
Palisade, CO 81526

"The Vinelands", situated beneath the dramatic Bookcliffs and the Grand Mesa, offered the perfect micro-climate for growing grapes and fruit in the late 19th century. Grape growing thrived until 1909 when Mesa County went dry and the grapes were pulled out, not to return until the 1970's. 

With encouragement of friends and family we planted the vineyard in 2013. Our amateur wines won several local and international competition awards over a 10-year period. The small two-acre vineyard is just enough for the family to maintain on our own. The original peach orchard was recorded as "Section 79 of the Vinelands. Hence the perfect name for our winery, Wine from Vines of Section 79 of the Vinelands -  Vines 79 Wine Barn. We join the over 25 wineries in Palisade's wine country and we all share the same passion of winemaking.

Facility Amenities:Gift Shop, Guided Tours, Picnic Area
General Information:Hours: Friday, Saturday, Sunday 12PM to 5PM Monday thru Thursday by appointment, Tour Schedule (if tours offered): May thru October, Saturdays, Sundays 1PM to 4PM. Reservations required.