Top 10 Do's And Don'ts at Grand Junction Country Jam

Heed these helpful tips to make sure you have plenty of fun at the annual Country Jam.

The Grand Junction Country Jam is a four-day mega-event held in June at Country Jam Ranch. Round up your family and friends (and your dancing shoes) and head over to one of the summer’s biggest music events. 

Top 10 dos and don’ts at Country Jam


  1. Bring a large empty container. You can fill it with fresh water inside the gates
  2. Bring lots of sunscreen
  3. Have extra cash for parking, food, beverages and goodies.
  4. Bring a camera. Photography is permitted.
  5. Wear a hat.
  6. Wear layers. It could be scorching in the day and cool at night.
  7. Bring a chair if you have a general admission ticket.
  8. Be courteous if you smoke and do it away from crowds.
  9. Expect incredible people watching.
  10. Have a blast!


  1. Forget your tickets.
  2. Bring Fido. No pets allowed.
  3. Bring a video camera. Those are also off limits.
  4. Plan on staying clean. Between the heat, food and drink, you’re bound to go home gritty.
  5. Bring food or beverages. You can’t take them in the gates.
  6. Just sit in your chair. Get up and dance.
  7. Forget to watch the people watching the bands. It’s a hoot.
  8. Stay on your diet. Partake in the party.
  9. Plan on being bored.
  10. Drive home if you’ve been drinking

In addition to the main stage, two other stages are continuously rockin’ during the entire event. There are plenty of vendors to browse, and tons of food and beverages to try.

Tickets vary in price, depending on if you want VIP treatment that includes food, beverages, seats and shade. Visit the Country Jam website to learn more about the event.

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