Top 10 Wine Getaways of 2018

Wine Enthusiast / February 2018

Our roundup of travel hotspots offers something for everyone with a passion to explore beyond the glass. Get out and discover these exciting locales before the crowds set in.

Worth exploring for its beauty and bounty, this high-altitude wine region is on the rise. Colorado isn’t just paradise for outdoor adventurers—it has plenty to offer any wine lover as well. At over 4,000 feet in elevation, Grand Junction and Colorado’s Grand Valley AVA should also be high on your must-visit list. Rocky plateaus offer a beautiful backdrop for wine tasting, hiking, mountain biking and white-water rafting, while abundant fruit markets show off local peaches and other delicious produce to snack on in between. Add in excellent accommodations and dining, and you’ll never want to come back down to lower ground. —Fiona Adams

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