Grand Junction
Grand Junction, CO 81506

Built in 1900!!!! But you would never guess it's age if we didn't tell you as we have modernized it while preserving it's charm. Enjoy curling up in cozy private spaces, like our Sauna Room where we have our Health Mate Infrared Therapy Lounge Sauna made from cedar wood, with low EMF technology, and chromotherapy (light color is adjustable allowing you to customize your sauna experience). Then you can hang out in the main room equipped with 55" 4K Smart TV with Sonos surround sound so you can log into your favorite streaming service (Netflix, Hulu, Spotify, etc) to enjoy music sipping a local beverage in front of the picture window or relax by watching your favorite movie. We (often) have beer on tap in our kitchen kegerator from local Monumental Beer Works and more importantly purified reverse osmosis water to hydrate your Grand Junction area adventures.

Facility Amenities:Sauna
Internet Connectivity:Facility WiFi
Room Amenities:Coffee Maker, Full Kitchen, Washer/Dryer