Visit Grand Junction Staff

Due to issues with spam, we are unable to list individual email addresses; however, see below for details on how to email each person.

Mason Barrows, CMU Intern - Administrative Coordinator. Started with Visit GJ 06/16/19 - Email: first name last initial

Mason assists the Visit Grand Junction team with a wide variety of projects. This includes website development, inventory, project management and software research. Mason was at the Market on Main this past summer, which included receiving feedback from both residents and guests so Visit GJ can further serve the community.  Mason can offer assistance in suggesting activities to enhance guest experiences in the Grand Junction area.  

Kim Machado, Administrative/Financial Analyst. Started with Visit GJ 10/01/2012 - Email: first name last initial

Kim is responsible for projecting, formulating, and managing Visit Grand Junction’s annual budget, as well as interpreting and analyzing local and industry data to determine overall fiscal, operational, and service impacts. She also manages office and administrative operations, reporting projects, and is the liaison to Visit Grand Junction’s Advisory Board of Directors. Kim can assist businesses with providing local and national lodging metrics and market insights, key performance indicators, and information relating to Visit GJ’s Advisory Board of Directors.

Elizabeth Fogarty, Director (Conductor). Started with Visit GJ 03/05/2018 - Email: first name last initial

Elizabeth reports directly to City Manager, Greg Caton, and meets with the Visit Grand Junction Advisory Board the second Tuesday of the month. Elizabeth is responsible for strategizing, directing, and overseeing destination marketing for Grand Junction as defined by the City of Grand Junction’s Strategic Plan. An integral component of the strategy is elevating the destination brand, developing innovative data-driven campaigns, and building relationships with local businesses, while facilitating partnerships that strengthen the community's economic impact. This is designed with the objective of enhancing quality of life, which is an important aspect of the strategy, while also growing the travel & tourism industry to provide sustainable and reliable growth for the area. Contact Elizabeth to learn more about Visit Grand Junction, including marketing initiatives and partnerships.