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As we pioneer through these unprecedented times, we are seeing much evidence that travelers will be expecting and seeking value when they set out again. To position Colorado to fulfill that interest, we are making it easy for any partner to share a Special Offer on


For just $50 a month, you can secure a promoted Special Offer on the site. The Colorado Tourism Office will be promoting the entire collection of Special Offers in digital, social and public relations in conjunction with their new, seasonal campaign launch. 


As you are considering how to create Special Offers, please keep in mind that value doesn't necessarily require a discount. Travelers find much value in unique offers. One example: The chance to enjoy a three- or four-day dude ranch stay, instead of the usual seven-day minimum, is special — even at the same daily rate. Or, join with partners to create a special experience at one bundled price. Discounted offers or giveaway items are welcome, too. We invite you to think of compelling offers to attract visitors with minimal impact to your bottom line.


And here's one other idea. Consider crafting a “locals-only” offer to leverage the audience in your own backyard.

So that you are ready to take full advantage of this opportunity, start planning now to submit your Special Offer.


To submit your special offer, please send an email Andrea Kuskie and Elizabeth Fogarty.

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