Father Sledding with Two Children

Colorado winters turn the majestic Rocky Mountains into a playground of snow-filled adventures, and nothing embodies the youthful spirit of the season quite like sledding. As the snow covers the landscapes, both families and thrill-seekers gear up for the exhilarating rush down pristine Colorado slopes.

Girl Standing on top of Colorado National Monument

Offering an unexpected Colorado winter adventure, Grand Junction invites guests for year-round access to hiking, biking and off-roading thrills, as well as an opportunity to experience the unique combination of the untamed natural landscapes known as Nature’s Trifecta. The Grand Mesa is the largest flat-top mountain in the world, which earns it a spot on the renowned list of three. While you can explore the Grand Mesa any time of the year, the winter transforms this magnificent record-holding plateau into an ideal destination for an authentic sledding experience.

Dad Pulling Child in Sled on the Grand Mesa

This winter, discover the hidden treasures of Grand Junction's sledding scene. From the enchanting beauty of the Grand Mesa to family-friendly hills in town, explore why Grand Junction deserves a coveted spot on your must-visit winter adventure list. Strap the toboggans down and embrace the magic of winter in one of Colorado's most picturesque destinations – all without the crowds.


Old Mesa Ski Hill

Two Kids Sledding in the Snow

The Old Mesa Ski Hill in the Mesa Creek Ski Area is also known by the locals as Old Powderhorn. This was transformed into a favorite spot for sledding after the opening of Powderhorn Mountain Resort in 1966. Once a bustling hub for skiers, it has now evolved into a sledding and back-country skiing paradise. Today, the mesa is filled with the joyous sounds of families and friends enjoying a day of winter fun. Sledding enthusiasts of all ages are drawn to Old Mesa Ski Hill for its perfect blend of gentle slopes and thrilling descents. It caters to both beginners and seasoned sledders, ensuring that everyone can partake in the winter fun. Families with children revel in the safety of the slopes, while daredevils seek the rush of the steeper sections.

Small Child Sledding in the Snow

What sets Old Mesa Ski Hill apart is not just the thrill of the ride but also the backdrop against which it unfolds. Surrounded by the grandeur of the Grand Mesa, the landscape is a winter wonderland that captivates the senses. Snow-covered trees, crisp mountain air, and the raw feeling of being in nature – it's an experience that transcends a typical sledding adventure. To get to Old Mesa Ski Hill from Grand Junction, take the scenic drive westward on I-70 and then follow Highway 65 south toward Mesa, Colorado. Continue past the town of Mesa and just past Powderhorn Mountain Resort. You can find parking here.


Ward Creek Reservoir Hill

Little Girl Sledding Down in the Snow

If you're on the lookout for a less crowded sledding hill near Grand Junction, look no further than the sled hill just west of Ward Creek Reservoir. Providing an alternative, this gem allows for amazing sledding opportunities without the steep terrain that can be found at Old Mesa Ski Hill.

Girl Laying on a Snow Tube

To reach this sledding spot, park in the designated Ward Creek Reservoir parking area and walk across Highway 65. The gentle slopes of Ward Creek Reservoir Hill offer a perfect setting for families and those looking for a quieter sledding experience. The untouched beauty of the surroundings and the calm atmosphere make it the perfect retreat for those seeking winter joy in a surreal setting. So, load up your sleds, follow the snowy path west, and discover this sledding sanctuary on the Grand Mesa.


Duck Pond Park

Small Girl Pulling Her Sled in the Snow

For families searching for a destination that is closer to town or caters specifically to younger sledding fans, Duck Pond Park is a great option in Grand Junction. Situated between Unaweep Avenue and Highway 50, this city park is a local favorite with moderate hills that are perfect for children to sled on after a good snowfall. Take advantage of the park’s pavilion for a cozy picnic or a relaxing break between sledding sessions. Additionally, the small playground provides an extra source of entertainment for the little ones, complete with climbing bars, bridges, and a slide. Furry friends are welcome on a leash, which further adds to the family-friendly atmosphere. 


Day Trip Sledding Spots

Two Kids Sledding in the Snow

For those in Grand Junction looking to spice up their sledding escapades with a day trip, two fantastic options await a short drive away. Located approximately 2 hours away from Grand Junction, Woah Nelly Sledding Hill at the Aspen Recreation Center is a snow tubing retreat. This hill in Aspen, Colorado offers a delightful experience for families and kids, perfect for a memorable day-trip adventure from Grand Junction. Travel about an hour further to Dutch Henry Tubing Hill in Leadville, Colorado. This hill offers free sledding between December and February, conditions permitting. Breaks between runs are made cozy with a small warming hut, and if you visit on the weekend, you can conveniently rent tubes at the base of the hill from the recreation center.


Prepare for Your Snow Tubing Adventure

Snowy Landscape on the Grand Mesa

Before embarking on your sledding escapade in the picturesque landscapes in and around Grand Junction, it's important to ensure you're well-prepared for a day of winter fun. Wearing waterproof and insulated clothing helps to fend off the cold and keep dry in the snow. Don't forget waterproof boots and extra gloves, hats, and socks in case yours get wet during the day. Wearing a helmet is encouraged, especially for youngsters, to provide an extra layer of protection. Sunscreen and sunglasses are also essential, as the sun reflecting off the snow increases your exposure. 

View of the Grand Mesa in the Winter

Before heading out, check the weather and snowfall conditions in the area you plan to visit. A fresh blanket of snow enhances the sledding experience, providing the best conditions for a smooth ride down the slopes. By taking these steps to prepare, you'll be ready to embrace the magic of winter in Grand Junction, ensuring a memorable and safe sledding adventure. So, bundle up, grab your gear and get ready for a day of snowy delight in Colorado's enchanting winter wonderland!


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