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Grand Junction’s weather is by far one of the most glorious attributes aside from the region’s natural beauty. Sunshine averages 250 days per year and the region is known for its dry climate which is favorable for outdoor activities and recreation year-round. All four seasons are distinct from one another, yet each season is very temperate. The lack of seasonal extremes make it a comfortable place to visit and is a significant reason why people move here, aside from the high quality of life, affordable lifestyle, and friendly residents.

Winter (December - February) is mild with very little snowfall - when it does snow, it melts within a day or two. Just 45 minutes east of Grand Junction is an affordable ski destination - Powderhorn Mountain Resort which averages 250 inches of powder each year. 

Spring (March - May) is bursting with flowers by mid-March, with daffodils and tulips in full bloom. There’s no mud season in this part of Colorado, so spring is a great time to visit, where days and nights are comfortably cool. 

Summer (June - August) is a popular time to visit for water-sport adventurists, and evenings are always cooler than the heat of the day. The Grand Mesa is a popular area for recreationists looking for cooler temperatures during the day - hundreds of miles of trails and over 300 lakes provide plenty of summer fun.

Fall (September - November) is when Grand Junction really shows off, with golden aspen trees popping off their vibrant colors. The Grand Mesa colors peak at the end of September, with Grand Junction peaking in mid-October.

  Avg. Max. Temp. (F)    Avg. Min. Temp. (F) Avg. Total Precipitation (in.) 
January 39 18  0.5
February 46 24 0.5
March 57 33 0.8
April 66 40 0.8
May 76 48 0.9
June 88 58 0.5
July 93 64 0.7
August 90 62 0.8
September 81 53 1.0
October 67 41 1.0
November 52 29 0.7
December 40 20 0.5