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We all know that physical and mental health are important to our quality of life both personally and professionally. The City of Grand Junction not only knows this but takes a very proactive approach to supporting this lifestyle both in and out of work. This employee-first approach creates a well-balanced and healthy work environment. One of the many initiatives the City takes to ensure that its employees are both physically and mentally well is through the Wellness Program. The program is built to support employee wellness efforts through a variety of interactive programs and initiatives. From improving sleep, nutrition advice, physical activity, and mental health support - this multi-faceted program is constantly evolving to support city employee needs and desires.

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"When designing the program each year, it is always with the same guiding principle - create a fun and beneficial program that is built for city employees and their needs," said Lindsay Maurer. The program uses that driving force to produce offerings that both address the needs and wants of employees while keeping health insurance premiums low.

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"Our program focuses on a different theme each month, based on what employees have expressed interest in as well as topics that are important at an organizational and national level," Lindsay said.  

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Each month, activities, educational opportunities, and well-being challenges are offered, and employees are rewarded for their participation – both with tangible prizes and the opportunity to save on their monthly health insurance premiums. From friendly competitions among employees and departments to social fitness activities that combine mindfulness and mental health, the City of Grand Junction Wellness Program is both broad and surprisingly fun. 


Core Values in City of Grand Junction’s Wellness Program 

  • Collaborative Partnerships
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Exemplary Service

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"The City of Grand Junction’s Core Values are imperative to our success as an organization, and they are incorporated into every level of our Wellness Program," Lindsay said. "For example, we have created collaborative partnerships with the community by actively participating in the Grand Valley Bike Month initiative and Bike to Work Day. We cross-market the event and encourage our employees to participate and support the event. Employees who ride their bike to work for the event, receive breakfast and an event t-shirt."


"Continuous improvement plays a large role when it comes to wellness,” Lindsay said. “We have to always be ready to pivot to meet the needs of our employees and support them in their wellness needs."


“As an organization, we really try to go above and beyond when displaying exemplary service both internally and externally and the customers for the Wellness Program are the City employees,” Lindsay said. “My job is to provide them with helpful tools and programs to ensure they are taking care of their own wellness, and they know the City of Grand Junction is there to support them in doing so.”


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