Destination: Grand Junction!

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Report cards are done and the final bell has rung. Now that the school year has come to an end,  you know what that means – family vacation! It’s time to reward the kiddos for their straight A’s (we like to think so) and mom & dad for helping with homework and carpooling. 

With over 1.5 million acres of public land, endless family activities and economical lodging, take your Colorado family vacation to the next level without breaking the piggy bank. Grand Junction has the most affordable lodging in Colorado, for a city its size, so you can stay an extra night or two. 


Brainiac Fun

Inquisitive minds want to know! Colorado Mesa University is known as one of the nation’s fastest-growing universities, so it is no surprise that Grand Junction knows how to make learning fun. 


Dinosaur Journey Museum: 

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Dinosaur Journey Museum is part of the Museums of Western Colorado and features the most profound fossils that were found in the Grand Junction area. Both dinosaur enthusiasts and kids love visiting this interactive museum, which includes over 15,000 actual fossils, an earthquake simulator, fossil-cast dinosaur reproductions and robotic dinosaurs.


Eureka! McConnell Science Museum:

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Science meets Children’s Museum at Grand Junction’s Eureka! McConnell Science Museum. Eureka! joins the basic elements of science and mathematics with hands-on learning. Land a space shuttle, hold a bearded dragon, irrigate a peach orchard, and step into the mysterious darkness of the phosphorescent geology cave - all in the same day. Don’t be surprised if the kiddos are dragging the adults out the door.


Water, Go-karts & Bowling


Bananas Fun Park:

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You’re going to go bananas with all the fun the family has together at this fun park. The Aqua Play Center is 6,000 square feet of splash fun, perfect for the warm summer days. Bananas Fun Park also has go-karts, bumper boats, miniature golf, laser tag, inflatable playland, splash pads, water slides, water guns, and the best birthday packages anywhere. They even have a full-service restaurant at Congo Café, complete with adult beverages. 


Freeway Bowl:

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Some family vacation activities never get old – although the stories parents tell about bowling memories from their own childhood might! It turns out that what was fun as a kid back in the day, is still fun at Grand Junction’s bowling alley Freeway Bowl. While the kids might call the giant bowling pin and neon sign “vintage” or “retro” and parents will call them “classic” or “nostalgic,” - everyone will call a night of bowling and arcades memorable! Just think, years from now your kids will be telling their own children the memories of bowling on their Grand Junction vacation and continuing the tradition!


Nostalgia & Baby Boutique

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Yes, shopping in Grand Junction can be enjoyable for the whole family - if you go to the right places! We’ve rounded up a couple of kid-approved shops that are unique to Grand Junction with items you can’t find anywhere else. 


Hog & Hen and Candy Time Shoppe: 

 Hog & Hen / Candytime Shoppe 

Imagine the perfect marriage of a general store, specialty bodega,  local market, liquor store, and gluttonous confectionery shop complete with nostalgic candy. It’s a great place to shop for unique, local gifts and Colorado family vacation souvenirs to take home. Plus, you can also enjoy incredible, fresh sandwiches made-to-order in the deli – we recommend The Tom. Hog and Hen may be hard to describe, but it’s easy to enjoy with the whole family!


Colorado Baby:

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Megan and Alberto and their 7 kiddos are the family behind Colorado Baby, a boutique children’s shop with trendy and natural parenting products. From books to toys, baby gear to cloth diapering – this perfectly appointed shop is worth a stop even if you don’t have kids, it’s just that cute.

Grand Junction guarantees your family vacation will be one for the books. Start planning now, before the bell rings for the next school year. 


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