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Grand Junction is home to many local farms, orchards, and vineyards - all of which grow nourishing and flavorful produce. If you’re on the hunt for regional ingredients, discover the Colorado farms in Grand Junction that keep the community healthy, happy, and well-fed. 


Supporting Local Farms

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Visiting local farms and shopping at local farmer’s markets, gives you the chance to support small-scale and family-run operations. It’s also a great opportunity to speak to the growers directly and learn about their farming practices, sustainability efforts, and in-season produce. Prioritizing local consumption, especially when it comes to food, helps to stimulate local economies while developing a greater appreciation for hard-working farmers who provide naturally grown goods. 


Grand Junction Farms


Belli Fiori Lavender Farm

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The family-owned Belli Fiori Lavender Farm grows over 1,000 lavender plants with 11 different varieties. You can spend an afternoon touring the aromatic lavender fields and indulge in a wide variety of lavender products at the farm shop. Soaps and lotions, as well as small-batch culinary treats, make the shop a popular place for locals and visitors. All products are hand-made by the owners, Lisa and Dave Proietti. To make this farm stop even more unique, check out the Highland’s Distillery which is also located on the property,


Clark Family Orchards

Over the span of seven generations, Clark Family Orchards has been growing produce in the Grand Junction area since 1897. As one of the oldest family orchards in the area, Clark Family Orchards first established roots in Grand Junction when James A. & Phoebe Clark planted some of the area's first fruit trees on 20 acres of farmland. While the family still upholds the planting tradition of using horse-drawn plows and discs, the farm has now grown to over 100 acres bearing apricots, cherries, peaches, pears, plums, and vegetables. Not to mention the Clark family also runs a new distillery, Clark & Co's Distilling, where they expertly infuse fruits from the farm into their moonshine.


Rooted Gypsy Farms

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Run by mother-daughter duo, Hadassa, and Akaycia Berger, Rooted Gypsy Farms provides fresh, sustainable products to communities in Grand Junction. In addition to growing produce, Rooted Gypsy Farms works with an array of local farms, ranchers, and artisans, offering a home delivery service for Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) -style food boxes. The farm delivers across the Grand Junction area and is committed to building a community around seasonal, local and sustainable products.


Fruit Basket Orchards

Spanning 7.5 acres on the East Orchard Mesa, Fruit Basket Orchards is a family-owned and operated farm that grows a variety of fruit (such as peaches, cherries, berries and apples). The farm is open to the public from June to late November and invites visitors to pick their own fruit right from the tree. It doesn’t get fresher than that. Fruit Basket Orchards is also home to a farm shop where you can buy fruit-based goodies, like jams, pies and dried fruit.


Bolton’s Orchards & Farm Market

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Known for their Royal Gala Apple, Bolton's Orchards and Farm Market is a great place to spend an Autumn afternoon picking fresh apples. Swing by their farm shop any day of the week to pick up a bushel of fruit or other local products, like honey and preserves. 


Z's Orchard

For over 50 years, Z's Orchard has grown some of Grand Junction's finest produce. You can find Z's Orchard at their country store located just outside of Grand Junction or stop by their booth at any of the local farmer's markets. If you decide to visit the farm, Z's offers country gardens for you to sit and relax while taking in the peace and serenity of the farm. 


How to Support Grand Junction Farms

Interested in learning more about how you can help support Colorado farms? Check out a few of our favorite ways to shop and eat locally-grown foods in Grand Junction. 


Explore the Farmer’s Market

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Grand Junction’s Market on Main is a great place to discover local produce, as well as baked goods, artisanal food, and hand-made crafts. Every Thursday evening from early July to late September, four blocks of Main Street are transformed into a pedestrian market. Fresh produce that is grown just miles away fills patrons' bags, including succulent Colorado peaches, bushels of crunchy apples, and sweet red cherries. Rows of  freshly baked bread provide a veritable feast, complimented by a variety of culinary and artisanal products. Drop by for not only the fresh groceries, but also to enjoy the entertainment, artist booths, and live music. 


Visit a Farm or Orchard

In addition to selling their products at farmer’s markets, many local farms also open their doors to the public. With family-run farms located in Grand Junction, it’s easy to pop by a nearby farm shop to pick up fresh produce as well as homemade delicacies like canned goods or baked treats. Depending on the season, some farms also offer U-pick services, where visitors can wander the orchards, picking fruit to take home. U-pick is a great way to take home fresh produce while gaining an understanding of where your food comes from.


Dine at a Farm-to-Table Restaurant in Grand Junction

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If you’re not one for at-home cooking, you can still show support for local farms and enjoy the fruits of their labor by checking out one of Grand Junction’s many farm-to-table restaurants. Skilled local chefs transform Colorado vegetables, fruits, herbs, and sustainably sourced meats, eggs, and dairy into mouthwatering dishes. Plus, you’re not starved for choices either: Grand Junction is home to a wide variety of farm-to-table eateries that are influenced by French and Italian culture.  Grand Junction’s culinary scene is bursting with flavors from the area.


The Finest Colorado Food

Although Grand Junction is known for its outdoor adventures, it’s also ideal for those who are interested in an innovative food scene. Learn more about Grand Junction’s culinary landscape and check out some of our top food recommendations for Grand Junction


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