The NFL season is in full swing, and for football enthusiasts, Sundays are sacred. There's nothing quite like the thrill of watching your favorite team score a touchdown or witnessing a nail-biting game-winning field goal surrounded by passionate fans from both sides of the field. Grand Junction, Colorado has an electric sports culture with a variety of local bars and restaurants that carry NFL games. All but one of the establishments mentioned below have the NFL Sunday Ticket and will do their best to find a screen just for you and your favorite team.


1. Pour Fellows – Downtown Grand Junction

Picture of People Laughing in a Bar

Pour Fellows is a new tavern in Downtown Grand Junction – opened September 2023. This shiny, new sports bar has a gastropub-style menu with plenty of seating inside and out.  With multiple screens strategically placed throughout the establishment, you won't miss a second of the action, and the friendly staff ensures that your game day experience is nothing short of exceptional. A fan favorite is the cajun egg rolls with creole sauce and the pastrami sandwich with fries. A side of bleu cheese cole slaw is the perfect accompaniment. Bonus, we hear this is where the Grand Junction Browns Backers meets for games.


2. Roosters - Classic Sports Bar Vibe

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Roosters, a classic sports bar just outside Downtown Grand Junction, has been a local favorite for years. The unpretentious atmosphere, happy hour specials, and abundance of TVs broadcasting the games make it an inviting spot for football fans. They offer a variety of game day specials, and it’s not just about the wing here! Burgers, sandwiches and salads are all on the menu. Get in the game at Roosters!


3. Wrigley Field - A Baseball Name, Football Excitement

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Despite its baseball-themed name, Wrigley Field in Grand Junction has a lot to offer for NFL enthusiasts. The sports-centric ambiance puts you in a football mood the second you walk into this no-frills joint. The “not so fancy” menu is exactly what you crave on gameday, including homemade potato salad and burgers that get many call the best in town. This venue features has an outdoor patio, and plenty of seating inside. We all know that a local joint is just the ticket on gameday.


4. Boston’s Restaurant & Sports Bar – Friendly & Fun

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When a sports bar has been around for over three decades, you know they have a recipe for success. The ingredients at Grand Junction’s location includes TV screens at every corner and angle, a huge menu catering to everyone in your fan pack, and excellent service with a smile. It’s clear the staff enjoys working at Boston’s, which makes the vibe for guests all the more enjoyable. We highly recommend the “Cactus Cuts,” which are thinly fried potatoes served with their signature dip.


5. Buffalo Wild Wings – Strangers become Friends

Picture of People Holding Up Beer in Front of TV Screen

Buffalo Wild Wings is synonymous with sports and is a go-to destination for game day. Here, you'll find a lively atmosphere, a multitude of big-screen TVs, and a menu filled with tantalizing options aside from the expected chicken wing - like burgers, loaded nachos, tacos, and over 26 sauces to choose from. The expansive bar and massive sit-down restaurant brings a diverse crowd cheering for every team on the numerous screens, making it a perfect place to root with strangers who will quickly become friends – one of the many things we love about sports.


6. Old Chicago Pizza & Taproom – Beer, beer, and more beer

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Old Chicago, originally founded in Boulder, Colorado, is known nationally for its legendary pizza and massive beer tap selection and the Grand Junction location is no different. You can rack up points on your World Beer Tour or dive right into the jalapeno pretzel bites with mustard beer cheese sauce made with Guinness. Either way, this is the place for beer, pizza and football.


7. Warehouse 25sixty-five - Stadium Seating

Picture of Warehouse Logo in Front of Tables and Chairs

Warehouse 25sixty-five might be known for its live music scene, but it also has the best sports seating in town. They have a private area with a large-screen TV, surround sound and stadium seating - complete with leather couches and coffee tables, which makes you feel like you're watching the game from home. This 16,000-foot warehouse turned restaurant and venue was designed with natural raw materials, exposed brick, vintage lighting, hardwood bars and metal accents. Kick off the game with the teriyaki lettuce wraps and order the buffalo nachos and jalapeno popper flatbread to snack on during halftime. 


8. Cruisers - A Local Hangout

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Cruisers does not have the Sunday Ticket, but they do have NFL Red Zone. What’s even better, is that you can bring your own food into this local hangout, so this is a no rules zone! Their own food selection is relegated to snacks and frozen pizza – we recommend choosing Heggies pizza, a cult favorite made in Milaca, MN. There is an outdoor patio, so it’s easy to get some fresh air year-round. We love Cruisers for its welcoming and relaxed atmosphere, so it's the ideal spot to enjoy a game with friends and family. They offer a daily beer special and a $3 mixed drink special called a shifty, so it’s always a new gameplan when you visit Cruisers. Little known secret – they smoke their own pork and chicken for their homemade sandwiches as well. Locals love this friendly place.


Prime Time

As you can see, Grand Junction’s head is in the game! Whether you're in the mood for a Downtown experience at Pour Fellows, a classic sports bar vibe at Roosters, football grub at Wrigley Field, friendly fun at Boston’s, new friends at Buffao Wild Wings, plenty o’ beer at Old Chicago’s, or the welcoming feel of Cruisers - you'll find the perfect spot to watch your favorite NFL team play. Grand Junction combines the love of sports with stunning natural beauty, making it an unbeatable destination for an unforgettable game day experience. So, next time you're in town during football season, make sure to check out these fantastic spots and yell “LET’S GO” at the top of your lungs!