Rattlesnake Canyon Arches

Hiker sits on top of the Cedar Tree Arch Overlook in Rattlesnake Arches

Utah’s Arches National Park has the world’s highest concentration of natural arches, but right across the border in Colorado is the world’s second-highest concentration. And in Colorado, you don’t have to pay a national park entry fee (or battle the crowds) to see them. Rattlesnake Canyon Arches boasts 35 natural arches tucked in a canyon on a 123,400-acre preserve. 


Colorado National Monument

Nature's Trifecta: Colorado National Monument

When you think of the American West, chances are you imagine something like the Colorado National Monument, which sits high on the Colorado Plateau and includes natural wonders like sheer canyon walls, towering monoliths, herds of bighorn sheep, and soaring eagles. In this grand landscape, there is plenty to keep you busy — including the beautiful Rim Rock Drive, year-round camping, and hiking and biking.


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