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23 Things to Do in Grand Junction, COLORADO in 2023!

News Flash! There is one list in the world that all seasoned travelers look to in the month of January to inspire their trips for the year. It's The New York Times' "52 Places To Go in 2023." Guess who made the list? GRAND JUNCTION, COLORADO! Considering Grand Junction is sharing the spotlight with…

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28 Reasons Why We Love Grand Junction, Colorado!

How do we love Grand Junction? Let us count the ways! In honor of February’s 28 days, here are just as many reasons why we love the western side of Colorado. It’s the Colorado you expect! 1. The New York Times – The NYT loves 52 places each year and Grand Junction was one of them. Only 12 U.S…

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Grand Junction's Craft & Culinary Scene

Local produce and natural ingredients are often hard to come by, but not in Grand Junction! Regionally grown goods can be found in many of the shops and local markets around town. From flavorful fruits and fresh veggies to aromatic herbs and natural spices – Grand Junction’s agricultural scene is…

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Grand Junction’s Must-Try Wine!

7 Minute Read Two Rivers Winery & Chateau Photo: Visit Grand Junction Not only a destination for sampling award-winning wine in the luxurious tasting lounge, Two Rivers Winery and Chateau offers an enhanced Colorado experience. This Grand Junction winery, set at the base of Colorado National…

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Must-See Breweries and Distilleries in Grand Junction

Photo: @kannahcreekbrew While Grand Junction boasts an array of award-winning wineries, there are plenty of options for those who prefer hops & spirits to grapes, so let's raise a glass to Mother Nature! The craft scene is booming in Colorado, home to one of the country’s most prolific craft…

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Your 2021 Grand Junction Bucket List

Check out these 21 Grand Junction adventures that you can’t experience anywhere else. If you’ve completed the 2021 Bucket List challenge, then get started on our top 22 Grand Junction experiences for 2022! 1. Explore Colorado National Monument, Your New Favorite National Park Photo…

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