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Meaningful projects and a relationship-focused work culture

As recently retired Scott Peterson drives around Grand Junction, the memories of his rewarding career with the City of Grand Junction come flooding in. Peterson recently retired after two decades of working in the Community Development Department. He started as an associate planner and worked his…

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911 Dispatcher Enjoys Helping Others in Their Time of Need

The City of Grand Junction operates a 24-hour, 365-day emergency communications operation at the Grand Junction Regional Communication Center (GJRCC). GJRCC provides an emergency service hub for 26 public safety agencies in Mesa County including the Grand Junction Police Department and the Grand…

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Sustainability is top of mind for the City of Grand Junction

Sustainability has been a consistent priority for the City of Grand Junction. In February 2022, the City solidified its commitment when it purchased CRI. Jennifer Redmond was an apprentice equipment operator that worked for CRI for four years. After City ownership, Jennifer and CRI staff became…

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Planning Supervisor Sees How His Work Directly Impacts His Home

One of the many benefits of working for the City of Grand Junction is the opportunity to make a positive impact within your own hometown. City Planning supervisor, Felix Landry, has lived and worked in Grand Junction for less than a year and a half and he has already seen the positive outcomes…

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Grand Junction: Small Town Charm with Big City Amenities

Grand Junction is the perfect spot to explore the natural beauty of Colorado. Thanks to its abundant outdoor activities and recreational opportunities, the area is a playground for those who love being enriched by nature. Grand Junction also boasts a charming downtown, which is a designated park…

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Professional Development at City of Grand Junction

For most innovative organizations, professional development ranks high when it comes to investing in and empowering employees. The City of Grand Junction is not only known for ongoing training and education, they take it a step further and are experiencing significant results because of it. For…

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Destination Branding Guided by Grand Junction Resident Input

Photo: Visit Grand Junction When it comes to branding and marketing, everyone is an expert, which makes for lively conversations and passionate opinions. What isn’t as common is local residents having input in designing a destination brand strategy for their hometown. It’s usually left to “agency…

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City of Grand Junction’s Parental Leave Program

The Parental Leave Program Helps Employees Prioritize Work and Family Life does not get more real and special than having a newborn arrive home. The very first yawn, smile, stretch, giggle, crawl, and the first evening where the baby has slept through the night – every moment is significant…

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Full-time Career Could Start with a Part-time Job

A full-time position at the City of Grand Junction may not be far from reach, even if it begins with a part-time position, according to Jeff Anderson, the Facilities Supervisor for the City. Jeff would know, having worked his way from a part-time job to his current position. Jeff started at the…

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