Great Fishing Awaits on Grand Mesa

Take a few hours and enjoy a peaceful time fly fishing or ice fishing on the Grand Mesa.

Where to Fish on the Grand Mesa

Join local anglers in waders and head to the Lake of the Woods Trail in the Grand Mesa National Forest. Bull Creek and Bull Basin reservoirs are fantastic scenic fishing spots. Special fishing regulations apply to some of these lakes, so be sure you know the rules.

The Lake of the Woods Trail leads to Bull Creek, which flows from the outlets of Bull Creek reservoirs #1 and #2 and through reservoir #5. The upper mile of this stream is easily fished and has several good pools.

Bull Creek reservoirs #1 and #2 and the connecting channels require fishing by artificial flies and lures only, and a bag, possession and size limit for trout of two fish 16 inches or longer.

There are often plenty of bogs to slog through, so anglers in waders are well dressed for this trip. The trail is open to hiking, horseback riding and mountain biking and is closed to motorized traffic. Good foot gear is essential. 

The Lake of the Woods Trail flows in, out and around a lush forest with meadows of thick, tall grass and wildflowers, patches of low-growing Oregon grape, dense stands of Aspen, Douglas fir and Engelmann spruce. The trail bobs up, down, over and around small intermittent streams and across a twisting and rocky terrain that includes glimpses of the Crag Crest. Find more Grand Junction hiking trails >>

Getting to the Grand Mesa

To reach the Lake of the Woods Trailhead, Forest Service Trail #506, travel east from Grand Junction on I-70 for 20 miles to the Grand Mesa/Powderhorn exit. That’s Colorado Highway 65, a National Scenic and Historic Byway. It travels over the top of the Grand Mesa.

Go through the town of Mesa, past Powderhorn Ski Area and head into the forest. About two miles past the Mesa Lakes Resort area, on the last long curve before heading up the final stretch to the top of the Grand Mesa, you’ll come to Mile Marker 38. Beyond the mile marker is a long cabled guard rail. Just past the cabled guard rail, turn left on graveled Forest Road 250. Travel less than a mile to a parking area at the end of the road.

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