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Gals' Getaway in Grand Junction, Colorado

Day One: Morning Photo: @dreamcafegj Rise and shine ladies! Kick off a glorious girls’ trip with some early morning nutrition from Dream Cafe, located on Main Street in Downtown Grand Junction. Celebrate getting together with mimosas or bloody marys and cheers to the fun day ahead. Fuel up with…

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Your Guide to Colorado Off-Roading

With its spectacular nature, mountainous landscape, and wide-open spaces, Colorado is the perfect place to experience the majesty of the great outdoors while driving off-road. You’ll experience magnificent views in an adventurous way, traversing across the varied terrain of nature’s icons like the…

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6 Best Waterfall Hikes in Colorado

Colorado is home to some of the best hiking opportunities in the world, with visitors flocking to the region every year to experience the rugged, spectacular landscapes of the American West. With 76% of the Grand Junction area being public land, crowds are never an issue. The Western Colorado…

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Colorado National Monument, Spoiled Naturally!

Everyone who visits Colorado National Monument claims, “it’s more of a national park!” Just six miles from Downtown Grand Junction, Colorado National Monument, part of the National Park Service, consists of more than 20,000 acres of striking canyonlands beckoning to be explored. The area was…

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Explore Grand Junction's Vast OHV Trail Network

When it comes to off-roading or mountain bike trails in Grand Junction, there is a massive amount to choose from and the trail connectivity is bar none. You might be surprised by this, but the OHV crowd and the mountain bike enthusiasts in Western Colorado get along marvelously! In fact, many enjoy…

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Your 2021 Grand Junction Bucket List

Check out these 21 Grand Junction adventures that you can’t experience anywhere else. If you’ve completed the 2021 Bucket List challenge, then get started on our top 22 Grand Junction experiences for 2022! 1. Explore Colorado National Monument, Your New Favorite National Park Photo…

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Wedding Venues in Grand Junction

Grand Junction has some of the most stunning and unique landscapes in the world. From snow-capped mountains to red rock canyons, alpine lakes to tranquil rivers, and lush forests to golden aspens, it’s the ideal setting for a wedding you and your guests will never forget. Luckily, there is an…

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Cast Your Line in Grand Junction

Grand Junction is known as a mecca for those who define themselves by the amount of time they spend outdoors. With over 1.5 million acres of public land, three state parks, and the Colorado National Monument, there is an abundance of world-class hiking, mountain biking, hunting and fishing. And when…

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6 Ways to Experience Colorado National Monument

One of the most beautiful stretches of land in the world, Colorado National Monument is comprised of more than 20,500 acres of high desert looming over the Colorado River just west of Grand Junction. Teeming with mind-boggling rock formations, a vast range of wildlife and hypnotizing panoramas, it…

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Enjoy the Fourth of July in Grand Junction

Celebrate the week leading up to 4 th of July in Grand Junction! Festivities include live music, baseball games, fireworks, and a 100-year-old Grand Junction tradition - experience all the festive ingredients to make this Independence Day memorable and unique. Start the week off, on Monday, July 1…

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