Nature's Trifecta: Rattlesnake Arches

Travel writer, Jacqueline Kehoe wrote: "In 2022, Arches National Park received roughly 1.5 million visitors. Colorado’s McInnis Canyons National Conservation Area, home to the second-highest concentration of natural arches in the country, received 100,000. Getting to this backcountry spot—known as Rattlesnake Arches—requires a strenuous 15.5-mile round-trip trek, plus whatever miles you want to wander in the canyon itself, marveling at the sandstone wonders from above, below, or both. Rattlesnake Arch, to name just one architectural landmark, spans 120 feet high and 40 feet wide.

An off-road vehicle can handle much of the trek, if you’d prefer to clock your miles amongst the arches and hoodoos (each shaped with the gentle curve of a rattlesnake contemplating an attack). Or hand off the driving to Adrenaline Driven Adventures, the only operator running regular tours to this “secret” spot."


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