Picture of a Table at Taco Party

Julie Bielenberg with Edible Aspen wrote:

Two-time James Beard Award semifinalist Josh Niernberg opened Taco Party in 2017. Located in downtown Grand Junction, this modern eatery’s specialty is—you guessed it—tacos. Hundreds of them rotate seasonally, a half dozen or so at a time; the edgy, regionally focused menu also offers dishes centered around main ingredients such as braised bison, ruby trout, and fried cactus.

The standout at Taco Party is the guacamole, made from ever-changing ingredients that reflect the micro-nuances of the region, such as pear gastrique (a kind of sweet-and-sour flavoring for sauces), amaranth furikake (a savory Japanese seasoning blend), and serrano peppers. There’s always a twist to the guacamole; for example, Niernberg might infuse it with local apple juice instead of the traditional lime.

Rounding out the menu are local sodas, beer and wine on tap, and seasonal soft-serve ice cream, all homemade—flavors include Olathe sweet corn, Meyer lemon marshmallow, coffee toffee hazelnut, and chocolate guajillo grapefruit. tacopartygj.com

If time allows, linger over a sophisticated dinner at Bin 707 Foodbar, Niernberg’s original eatery in downtown Grand Junction. Opened in 2011 with the purpose of helping to revive the local economy, it’s a more elegant presentation of seasonal Colorado cuisine—starting with that of the agriculturally rich Grand Valley. bin707.com

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