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In today's digital world, consumer behavior is changing rapidly. All the time. Everyday. And, consequently, so are all of the places on the internet that you rely on to help run your business. Now more than ever, business is being done virtually. People aren't picking up their phones to call you and ask you questions like they used to. They're looking for you on Google, Facebook, Instagram, review sites, and many other places on the internet. They want to know, ahead of time, what they will experience when they come to visit you. They're looking for cool pictures on your social channels, checking your Google reviews (and seeing if you respond to good and bad ones), and they're checking your website with the expectation that it provides them what they are looking for in less than 15 seconds. They expect to connect, interact, and transact with your business online.  

Visit Grand Junction wants to help empower Grand Junction tourism businesses to be more digitally sophisticated and help meet customers where they are. To do that, we are partnering with an agency to educate you on the complex digital marketing landscape and offer affordable solutions to help solve your digital marketing challenges and help you progress as marketing continues to evolve.  

If your tourism business is doing well, it is still wise to seize this opportunity. Utilize the tools we are providing and fine-tune your digital strategies. This will provide you with a foundation to navigate future challenges that will inevitably happen (recession, COVID, natural disasters, reduced travel due to cost of living increases, etc).


Visit Grand Junction Logo Slate


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Visit Grand Junction's data-based strategies have allowed our team to make better-informed decisions in our marketing initiatives to assist the community in not only overcoming the challenges of COVID, but also to provide a consistent and sustainable science-based approach to destination management overall.

Based on feedback from a growing number of business owners and managers in this community, there is a need to extend Visit GJ's data-based strategies into initiatives local businesses can use to assist in their own growth. With marketing progressing at a rapid rate, it is difficult for most businesses to keep up with the constantly changing digital environment. New social channels pop up unexpectedly, Google changes their algorithm, consumer behaviors and trends evolve, inability to afford a marketing professional on staff, lack of financial resources to fund marketing programs, and trying to manage a website - it's nearly impossible to keep up.

Visit Grand Junction is creating an affordable solution for businesses interested in a marketing ecosystem that provides solutions to these challenges. This includes you having access to an account manager who understands and works with your individual business. Their strategy will be based on your guidance and priorities while offering you options to consider that they can implement on your behalf.




Digital Marketing on a micro-budget is hard 

•Limited digital marketing expertise 

•Confusing digital marketing landscape 

•Overwhelming number of digital options and strategies to manage 

•Limited digital marketing technical support and resources 

If you're not effectively communicating with your customers... 

•You are missing out on business opportunities 

•You are not connecting with customers in the way customers want to connect - instant, real-time communication 

•Your customers can’t get to the content they need - location, hours of operation, menus/services, safety protocols, and what you offer 

•You are not creating influencers 

•You are not managing negative feedback 

The Partnership benefit... 

•The partnership will help small- and medium-sized businesses with their marketing needs 

•Solutions are integrated - ecosystem can be accessed from one place 

•Person-to-person support before, during, and after initial fulfillment 

•It's affordable. Options include a custom-built website platform complete with an account manager, Search Engine Optimization, social media assistance, content writing, and reputation management solutions. You pick and choose what you want.


For more information, feel free to contact:

Elizabeth Fogarty


Visit Grand Junction