Fine Equines of Colorado

Powerful. Graceful. Free. Wild Horses.

Wild mustangs have created a true legacy. Even in their small numbers, they have become an image synonymous with the adventurous spirit that lives in the West. Horses are marvelous creatures, and while it is plenty common to see domesticated horses, it is much rarer to see them roaming freely in their serene and peaceful natural habitat.

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The Little Book Cliffs Wild Horse Area is one of only three wild horse reserves in the nation. Over 100 wild horses are roaming through the rugged landscape above Grand Junction.

Traveling in bands between two and ten, horses traverse the high plateaus lush with sagebrush and pinon-juniper, which provides perfect pastures for grazing in Grand Junction’s pleasantly temperate climate. The area is undeveloped, so it will greet you with a sense of solitude and a peaceful silence only interrupted by the sounds of nature.

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 From the caramel-colored Palominos to the Copper Bays, and even a few speckled Appaloosas, horses here tend to be much less skittish than others as they are used to people visiting them.  In addition to the namesake horses, elk, turkey, quail, bighorn sheep, and a whole host of other animals call this area home.

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Contact the local Bureau of Land Management for more information.


For more ways to enjoy the public land around Grand Junction, check out page 26 of the Grand Junction Adventure Guide.