The City of Grand Junction Created 50 New Positions to Serve Growing Community 

For job seekers looking for Grand Junction employment opportunities that offer a wealth of benefits, opportunities for career advancement, a supportive work environment with a focus on continuous learning, and the chance to make a difference in the community - the City of Grand Junction is worth considering when searching for a job or career. The City is expanding its workforce with more than 50 new positions in 2022, in addition to hiring for existing positions like Emergency Communications Specialists and Police Officers.

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A significant number of full-time positions are in Public Safety, Community Development, Finance, Information Technologies, Public Works, and Utility departments. With 13 different departments and positions ranging from entry-level to executive and seasonal to full-time, the City of Grand Junction offers diverse opportunities for job seekers in a variety of fields.  

The new positions address the needs of a growing population. With a 6 percent increase in the Mesa County population over the past decade, the City is aiming to meet increasing demand, particularly in the realms of emergency response, policing, infrastructure, housing, sustainability, and recreation.


Grand Junction Jobs with Incredible Benefits

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It would be hard to find a benefits package more alluring than the one offered by the City of Grand Junction. Regular, full-time positions receive the following benefits:

  • Medical, dental, and vision insurance options with a significant portion of premiums paid by the City and additional discounts via the wellness credit program
  • 6 percent match retirement plan plus additional savings options
  • 12 weeks paid parental leave for eligible employees 
  • 32 days paid time off (PTO); Juneteenth was most recently added
  • Flexible schedules/telecommuting when the position allows
  • A comprehensive wellness program, which includes access to a wellness clinic that provides employee medical treatment
  • Recreational perks like discounted or free pool admission, golf course, and movie tickets 
  • Local discounts include: Crossroads Fitness, Verizon, a free Grand Valley Transit pass, and a $1,000 matching grant for first time home buyers through the Mesa County Home Program
  • Coming in July 2022: affordable childcare for City employees that accommodates non-standard work schedules of emergency responders


Part-Time and Seasonal Jobs in Grand Junction

From swimming pool staff to summer camp counselors, the City of Grand Junction Parks & Recreation Department has a diverse assortment of seasonal positions to fill every year. Additionally, the Grand Junction General Services Department hires a large number of part-time seasonal employees to help maintain and operate the two premier golf courses, which the City owns.

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Part-time and seasonal jobs offer a chance for people considering relocating to Grand Junction to try out living in the area before completely taking the plunge. They are also a good way to get started on a path of career advancement within the City.

Part-time and seasonal Grand Junction jobs include valuable benefits as well, such as:

  • Paid sick time
  • Discounts on Parks & Recreation passes
  • Access to the City’s Employee Assistance Program


The City of Grand Junction: A Progressive Employer

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With an organizational guiding principle of “Continuous Improvement,” the City of Grand Junction aims to create a professional culture of self-improvement through a variety of progress-minded initiatives. One example is the City’s participation in the 30 x 30 campaign for gender equality in law enforcement. The goal of this national program is to advance women in policing and by 2030, have a police force that’s 30 percent female.

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Another notable, ahead-of-the-curve project the City will launch this summer is an employer-sponsored childcare program. Slated to open in July, the City-owned childcare center will be staffed by city employees to serve city employees, fulfilling a need for affordable childcare as well as solving the logistical challenges of parents who need childcare for night or weekend shifts.


Real-Life Testimonials from City Staff

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There are two primary benchmarks that a job must meet for employee satisfaction and the City of Grand Junction jobs score high on both criteria:

1. An enjoyable work environment where employees feel valued and supported.
2. A job whose duties are challenging and rewarding.

“Personally, the most exciting thing about working for the City is the variety. I get to interact with all kinds of different professionals, all of whom play a very important role in making our community the best it can be. I enjoy getting to learn from and interact with all of our different employees on a regular basis.” – Baylee Gregor, HR Analyst

"I started off as an intern thinking it would be excellent experience for my future career. Within a year, I had learned so much from the City that I knew I wanted to stay. I was impressed with how innovative the city was across all departments, how well everyone worked together, and the culture overall. After my two-year internship program, I applied for a full-time position with Visit Grand Junction, the Destination Marketing Organization for the City, and I was hired. I couldn't be happier!" - Mason Barrows, Visitor Center Manager & Content Coordinator


What Does It Take to Stand Out at the City of Grand Junction?

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What does a stellar golf course groundskeeper have in common with a dedicated police officer? And how does their job relate to those of a chief marketing officer or engineer? Yes, some of the positions at the City of Grand Junction could not be more different, but City employees who are successful at their jobs have similar characteristics which include:

  • Desire and ability to adapt to changing needs of the community. 
  • Passion for community service regardless of position title – as public servants, City staff are devoted to helping others in the community.
  • Embodiment of the Core Values of the City, which are continuous improvement, collaborative partnerships, and exemplary service.
  • Farsighted vision and motivation to help make the community an amazing place to live for all citizens.
  • Aspiration to be a part of something bigger. Every city job is an important thread in a much larger web.


To see a list of job openings for the City of Grand Junction, view the job board. Interested applicants who don’t see a desired position listed are encouraged to fill out a Job Interest Card.