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Comparative Analysis of User Engagement: Old vs New Website


The following illustrates growth of the new Visit Grand Junction website compared to the old site for the same time period YOY. The charts below reflect growth with total users, total page views, and page views per user, highlighting the effectiveness of the recent website redesign.



Total Users - Old vs New Website: The first chart compares the total number of users between the old and new website. There has been a massive 263% increase in total users with the new website, jumping from 681,222 to 2,473,305 users. This surge highlights the new website’s enhanced capability to attract and engage a wider audience, which is critical for promoting tourism and local businesses.                    


Total Website Users



Page Views - Old vs New Website: The second chart demonstrates a remarkable 757% increase in page views from the old website to the new one, rising from 1,204,394 to 10,315,791 views. This significant uptick indicates that not only are more users visiting the website, but they are also exploring more content per visit, which suggests the content is relevant and engaging, keeping visitors interested and browsing for longer periods.                    

Pages Viewed



Page Views per User - Old vs New Website: The final chart shows that the average page views per user increased by 136% from 1.8 to 4.2 views per user, more than doubling. This metric confirms that the new website is not only attracting more users but is also successful in retaining their interest, leading to more interactions per visit. This is indicative of an intuitive and compelling website navigation and content presentation that encourages deeper engagement with the website.                    


Pages per User



Total Users: The count of unique individuals who have interacted with the website at least once. This includes any action taken on the site, not just browsing during active use.

Page Views: The total number of times web pages or app screens were viewed by users. This counts every time a page or screen is loaded, including multiple views of the same page during a visit. 

Page Views per User: The average number of pages or screens viewed by each user. This includes repeated views of the same page by the same user during their activity on the site or app.

YOY: Year over Year. For this case, 12/12/23 - 5/15/24 was compared to the same time period the prior year.

Note: The metrics for the new website cover the period from its launch on December 12, 2023, through May 15, 2024. These are compared against the metrics from the same timeframe in the previous year to measure growth and improvement.