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3 Day Getaway in Grand Junction by Huckberry

Travel adventurer, writer, explorer and actor Joe Kanzangu recounts his epic 3-day itinerary in Grand Junction, from the mention of the fantastic Grand Junction Volunteer Ambassadors at the Grand Junction Visitor Center to his visit to the world's second-largest concentration of natural arches…

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Grand Junction Featured on Good Housekeeping's Family Travel Awards

Good Housekeeping wrote: "About four hours west of Denver, Grand Junction is a dream come true for families who love both great food and adventure. On some 1 million acres of public lands, hiking and biking trails and ATV tours abound — and there are plenty of outfitters with the equipment that…

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Grand Junction Featured on the Business Insider

Travel writer, Jacqueline Kehoe said: "The clock is ticking on Grand Junction — at some point, tourists will realize just how easy it is to get to this city, which is about four hours from Denver. Grand Junction is home to three backyard attractions, dubbed "Nature's Trifecta," which are…

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Grand Junction Restaurants Featured in Edible Aspen

Julie Bielenberg with Edible Aspen wrote: Two-time James Beard Award semifinalist Josh Niernberg opened Taco Party in 2017. Located in downtown Grand Junction, this modern eatery’s specialty is—you guessed it—tacos. Hundreds of them rotate seasonally, a half dozen or so at a time; the edgy…

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Grand Junction Highlighted on the Wall Street Journal

The Wall Street Journal described Grand Junction as an emerging destination with diverse offerings. Geologically, the area is two-fifths of the state west of the Continental Divide, culturally extending further to Utah's landscape. The area features high desert landscapes, canyons, forests…

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Grand Junction's Fall Adventures Highlighted on Pride Journeys

Pride Journeys highlighted Grand Junction as a fall getaway, offering outdoor adventures with hiking trails, stunning fall foliage atop the Grand Mesa, and popular foraging opportunities. The region's renowned fruit stands and farms provide fresh produce, and the Fruit and Wine Byway offers a…

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Grand Junction Mentioned as Hidden Gem by Denver Post

Grand Junction, Colorado, is highlighted by the Denver Post as a summer destination with outdoor attractions such as the Palisade Plunge biking trail, Rattlesnake Canyon's arches, and the Little Book Cliffs Wild Horse Preserve. The region's natural beauty, outdoor activities, and recent travel…

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